Monday, July 15, 2013

The mystery of putting

I have a three-part series "The mystery of Putting" that will be appearing in the print editions of The Oakland Press Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The series will be posted online as well at
Part 1 of the series will discuss the unpredictability of putting, Part 2 will be about the controversy and impending ban on anchor putting and Part 3 will be on greens,
This is the video story I did with Paul Fichter, the head PGA golf professional at The Heathers Club in Bloomfield Hills, on "The Mystery of Putting." Portions of the footage also features the indoor putting area at Carl's Golfland


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you guys solve this mystery, you'll be billionaires.

Too bad Ben Hogan hadn't seen your series before he missed his 30 inch putt on the 71st hole of the 1956 US Open to lose to Middlecoff. It was at Oak Hill in Rochester, NY, site of this year's PGA.

7:56 AM 

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