Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Miguel Cabrera vs. Mike Trout - why Cabrera is the better player


Anonymous woody said...

one underrated aspect about Cabrera is his baseball acumen. though he doesn't have much speed, his baserunning decision making is solid.

his level of awareness on the field is sharp as indicated in that game last spring where he pointed out the incorrectly drawn batter's box. they stopped the game and called out the grounds crew to redo it.

he's not like say a Manny Ramirez, whose bat was an outstanding tool, but who contributed little else to a team's winning effort.

8:20 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat you and the writers have it right when Miggy won the MVP because of the reason where would the Tigers be without Miggy. I know Trout help the Angels a lot but they have some OF depth where the Tigers have Don Kelly as depth. I also think D Kelly should on the team because he can play everywhere and play well. The WAR has to have major flaws, JP which I okay with him at ss, is rated the 4th best defensive ss in baseball using the defensive portion of the WAR calculation. Look forward though to the next generation of WAR stats. This is why scouting is extremely important. What boggles me is why the WHIP stat is not weighted like the FIP is.

5:08 PM 

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