Sunday, February 24, 2013

Denard Robinson's NFL Draft stock probably fell at combine Sunday

Will likely be viewed as "project"
I've seen projections that former Michigan quarterback and current wide receiver candidate Denard Robinson will be a third- to fifth-round selection in the upcoming NFL Draft.
But my best guess, following the combine workouts Sunday, is Robinson will be drafted, but no earlier than the fifth round.
While Robinson is fast, he didn't run a 40-yard dash at the combine at the very top end of the wide receiver list. His lack of experience at wide receiver was apparant during the receiving drills. He also has a persistent injury issue with his elbow.
In comparison, the wide receivers, who really helped themselves in the 40-yard dash Sunday, were Tavon Austin of West Virginia and Ryan Swoop of Texas A&M. Like Robinson, a spread option QB at Michigan, both were very productive as college players. They were, however, very productive at wide receiver.
Less and less teams are looking for developmental projects. Robinson falls in that category as a receiver. It doesn't mean Robinson won't get his NFL shot. He clearly will, but it is seems less and less likely it will be as an early-round draft choice.


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