Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thoughts halftime Falcons, Lions

- What? When did Calvin Johnson go to the Brandon Pettigrew school of ball security? I thought the Lions might have a fighting chance in this game, but it wasn't going to happen turning the ball over like that. Now it's turned into a drubbing.
- Here's stating the obvious: Johnson has 100 yards receiving already and the Lions are getting drilled by 15 points at halftime. There is just something flatout wrong about that, but much of that has to do with Johnson's fumble.
- The second Falcons' touchdown pass, a 39-yarder from Matt Ryan to Roddy White, was a beautifully designed play. It wasn''t even remotely a pick play, but it did put future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez in ideal position to spring White loose for the score with fantastic block. In comparison, the Lions offense appears to be lacking imagination. But it is easier to be creative when your dealing with multiple talents like White, Gonzalez and Julio Jones compared to Calvin Johnson and, well, Calvin Johnson. That is what the Lions' offense is like at this point, isn't it?
- Suffice to say the Lions will be looking to upgrade their kick return position next season. It's not just that Stefan Logan hasn't been breaking plays, but he has become mistake prone. Some of it is just bizarre, the collision last week on the punt at Arizona, and waving his hand and claiming he didn't make a fair catch tonight, when there appeared to be much room to run on a punt.


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