Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Falcons, Lions

- Back-to-back plays summed up the Lions' season: Calvin Johnson breaking loose on a 41-yard catch and run, shattering Detroit's single-season receiving yardage mark that had been held by Herman Moore in the process, and Mikel Leshoure losing a fumble on the very next play.
- Another tale of the Lions' 2012 season, a touchdown for field goal exchange, one not on Detroit's side.
- More Joique Bell and less Leshoure would be welcomed at this point. Bell has proven to be the better player, in my opinion.
- Chris Houston was beaten badly by Roddy White on the Falcons' touchdown pass, but in truth, he has been the least of the Lions' problems this season. He is a good player.
- So ESPN is reporting Lions'head coach Jim Schwartz's contract is through the 2015 season. While reporting this, they also stated Schwartz is going nowhere after this season because of his contract. I believe they are right. It's just stunning to me, really, why anybody felt compelled to make the length of Schwartz's contract a secret. That's one thing Lions' fans have a right know if they are expected to invest emotionally in the team.
- Lions' quarterback Matthew Stafford has completed passes to Calvin Johnson of 41 yards and 18 yards on which he threw the ball sidearmed.
- The Lions are using fullback Shaun Chapas as a lead blocker a lot in this game. It is not working well, though.


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