Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts after 3 quarters, Lions, Cardinals

- The Lions are going to rack up a bunch of numbers in this game, win or lose. It will be completely meaningless should they lose this game. They had this game early. Had they gotten any sort of lead on the Cardinals, there was no way their going to come back given their quarterback situation. It's why I have mixed feelings about the importance of Calvin Johnson's record for receiving yardage. Yeah, on one hand, it would be a big deal to pass an all-time great like Jerry Rice. On the other, when did Rice play on a team this bad? Ditto for Matthew Stafford. Sure, he is an extraordinary talent, but where is the consistency?
- For a 40-something kicker, Jason Hanson still has remarkable leg strength. He drilled that field goal in the third quarter.
- Awful call by the officials on Lions' cornerback Chris Houston. That was nothing more than good coverage on one of the top receivers in the game, Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. It was a completely different standard than had been set earlier in the game when Patrick Peterson was defending Johnson.


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