Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taylor Lewan a first-team All-American? Really?

One of the more intriguing aspects of college football is the selection of offensive linemen for All-American teams. Is it based on who will be selected early in the NFL Draft? Is it based on the production of the given player's offense?
Lewan (right): How effective was he really?
Based on NFL Draft potential, Michigan tackle Taylor Lewan deserved his spot on the first-team AP All-American team. He is projected to go in the Top 10 selections in the draft.
As for production, how could he have been that effective if the Wolverines struggled so to run the ball this season? I mean that got virtually no production from their running backs, and what yardage Michigan gained, seemed based almost exclusively on QB Denard Robinson's open field speed and elusiveness. It wasn't like the Wolverines were running to glory hitched behind Lewan.
Also, it should be noted that Eric Fisher from Central Michigan, also an offensive tackle, made third-team All American. Fisher was a vastly underrated player and athlete (he was a very good basketball player, too) at Rochester Hills Stoney Creek High School, where he played for a relatively new program. He is also projected as a first-round NFL Draft pick, following in the footsteps of CMU's Joe Staley, who has starred for the 49ers.


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