Monday, December 10, 2012

Lions will have to win back trust after this lost season


Blogger Fred Brill said...

There is something telling when a team comes from bef=hind to win or get close in a loss - to now jumping out to what should be intimidating leads only to squander them away.

This is not a mental thing - this is a franchise mindset thing if you ask me. All the right steps have been taken so far (save Suh's distractions) for the Lions to become a great team - and more needs to be done -more parts to be added for sure (I'll let the smarter guys than me list those off) - but this is a symptom of a team not yet knowing how to win.

They don't know where the leak is to patch the hole. I think the leak is at the toppper rungs of the franchise ladder myself - where the mindset is "wouldn't it be great if we could" and progressing to "I think we just might be able to ... oh crap nope - but close eh?"

It has to get to "Lose? what the hell do you even alow such a word to escape past your cerebral cortex"

And that's at the top. Staffords in the middle. Hes trying. Suh ain't helping and Calvin makes people think it's already acheived - because only he believes it right now.

Sorry Book - I'll stay out of football - but this was different

PS - you didn't see me rub anything in about my Dawgs or the SEC did you? Oh crap I think I just did. Sorry again.

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