Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why there is no downside to Detroit Tigers signing Torii Hunter

Under normal circumstances, I'd be questioning the Tigers signing a 37-year-old outfielder who will be 38 by the time the postseason rolls around next October.
Outfield defense now a Tigers' strength with Hunter added
Baseball players prime years are 27-to-33. They tend to slow down after that. And when it happens, the descent is often rapid, and difficult to see when it is exactly coming. We've been through it a few times here in Detroit. Gary Sheffield couldn't recap the magic. Magglio Ordonez was great one season, a fading star the next. Johnny Damon was an $8 million waste of money.
But Torii Hunter is different. He is worth the risk. It's just a two-year deal. A $13 million per season salary is reasonable. He did hit .340 with a high OPS against left-handers last season. He was a Gold Glove winning center fielder who has moved to right field and performed exceptionally well defensively there. He is a run producer, whose right-handed bat was every bit as quick last year as it has been in the past. He is a ultimate character player, who will fit in perfectly in an already good clubhouse.
And if he does hit the wall of the age, there is some flexibility because the deal isn't long term. He is a free agent signing. The Tigers didn't have to trade one of their prospect trading chips to fill their most glaring need. They still have them for a possible deadline trade in July.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, playing in the Central has it perks and with the addition of Hunter and VMart, we can find out if Dirks can handle everyday in LF or sign Hairston to platoon with Dirks. The OF Defense should be average or above average.This is an excellent move as was getting Omar to play 2B.
Since the Tigs are a roll, I wonder what S Marcum would look like in a Tiger Uniform if he is over his elbow problem. Anaibal would be nice but his price isn't. Pat,how much would J Hairston cost to play platoon in LF?

2:41 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Hunter in right.
Jackson in center.
Dirks in left.

What happened to our 13 left fielders?

Still getting my head around Hunter - it has to only be good right? He's 14 hits off his 2000.

We still need a back up catcher - No it can't be Martinez - or you lose him again. In fact - every one is talking like VMart is definitly back and will be just like when he left?

And can we get a butterfly net for Fielder?

3:23 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Significant pick up. Great corner outfielder with many gold gloves. Good left-handed pitching hitter that Tigers really need.

Kinda old but with Martinez back, this offensive lineup is a rock!

This is a big addition, big, if you look at the stats and the holes.

6:06 PM 

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