Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thoughts halftime, Lions, Vikings

-The idea playing against the Vikings is simple: If they fall behind, and they are forced to put the ball in quarterback Christian Ponder's hands throwing to pedestrian wide receivers (with Percy Harvin out), the Vikings' chances of winning are minimal. Give the Vikings a lead, with a great back, Adrian Peterson, pounding into the line play after play, and running down the clock, their chances of winning grew greatly. As such, the Lions have put themselves in a precarious situation by trailing at halftime of this game.
- Other than allowing one big play in the first quarter, the Lions' defense has played relatively well. The defensive line has imposed its will a couple times. If could be worse if the Vikings had converted touchdowns when they settled for field goals.
- In the category of rookie mistakes: Lions running back Joique Bell not getting out of bounds near the end of the half. The Vikings gave the Lions the ball back with nearly a minute left in the half, but it turned out to be a wasted opportunity. It might not have been if Bell has gotten to the sidelines instead of turning up the field on the initial pass of the drive.
- The Vikings linebackers are playing exceptionally well in this game. Jasper Brinkley and Chad Greenway have stood out so far. Minnesota's defensive line is winning the fight with the Lions' offensive line, too. Stafford has been hurried on too many of his throws. He has definitely been taken out of his comfort zone. The Vikings' defense is whipping the Lions offense. That is the bottom line in this game so far.


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