Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Lions, Vikings

- It's one thing to get beaten deep by Percy Harvin, it's another to get smoked by Jarius Wright. Christian Ponder to Jarius Wright? Ponder didn't even throw for 100 yards the last couple weeks. Wright was a solid college player at Arkansas, a fourth-round draft pick. But how he got that open deep down the field is a mystery. Ponder did buy some time by side-stepping the Lions' pass rush, but he didn't buy that much time. It was ridiculous.
- That was horrible throw by Matthew Stafford on Chad Greenway's interception. Throwing sidearm down the field while peddling backward is an invitation to disaster on any pass other than a screen. The Lions defense played well in reaction to the turnover. That was a great play by DE Cliff Avril on the first play following the change of possession. The Lions are fortunate; they were facing a 14-0 hole after Greenway's pick - 10-0 is more reasonable. Stafford has not been sharp today. Running back Joique Bell dropped a short pass from Stafford in the flat, but it wasn't necessarily his fault. The ball was thrown behind Bell. These are some of the issues that plagued Stafford during the first three quarters of several games the first half of this season, but not so much the previous two weeks when the Lions' offense did do well in the first half of games vs. Seattle and at Jacksonville. Stafford last couple throws were much better.
- Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley is playing very well today. That was the best quarter he has played in the NFL so far.


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