Sunday, November 18, 2012

Detroit Lions have earned their 4-6 record one mistake at a time

My column:
Matthew Stafford: One of his worst performances this year


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I don't disagree but they are a better football team than 4-6. Last year team couldn't run the ball and were below average against the run and passing. There are an improvements on all three of those categories this year. So they are headed in the right direction even though their record doesn't show it. I think they still lead the league in passing. I wish they were more patient in the draft.

11:46 AM 
Blogger Rndlion said...

The offense issues are the most maddening with Stafford regressing. Matt has tremendous talent, but I don't think he works hard enough. If he studied like Peyton Manning (who he has more talent than) he would be unstoppable. It's probably hard with such a nice girlfriend, but he needs to realize, this career is fleeting.

8:14 PM 

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