Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Packers, Lions

- What Calvin Johnson does far better than any receiver the Lions have ever had, by far, is beat double coverage deep. The Packers did have a safety defending him over the top. He beat the coverage anyway. It was also a very accurate deep throw by Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford.
- While flipping a field position game that was bound to doom the Lions sooner instead of later, settling for a field goal after such a great play was profoundly disappointing. It summed up the Lions problems during the first half of games most of the season. They are surprisingly inept in the so-called "red zone" given the amount of legitimate weapons they feature offensively.
- The Lions using Ndamukong Suh at defensive end more today is a smart move. He's already made a couple tackles. Maybe he will make a big play or two. Logic dictates Suh is going to be more difficult to block if he is a moving target. He isn't lacking the quickness to take some snaps at end.
- I didn't notice it that much while doing my radio show from the Atrium this morning, but there is a contingent of Packers fans here today, although it isn't as large as usual.
They are very loud, though. It has only spurred on Lions' fans to be louder than usual to drown them out. The noise level was amazing on the failed fourth-down try on the Packers' second drive of the quarter.


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