Monday, May 14, 2012

What does the Detroit Tigers start mean? Here is what history tells us

I don't know if it is panic or just general weirdness about the Tigers' 17-17 start this season. They are a game off the lead in the American League Central. More than a few people shaken by it. What does it mean? You be the judge based on their history. This is where the Tigers stood after 34 games during some of their milepost seasons:
- 2011: When they won 95 games, the AL Central and advanced to the ALCS; 16-18, 7 games off the AL Central lead.
- 2009: When they won 86 games and lost Game 163 after tying with Minnesota for AL Central title;18-16, tied for division lead.
- 2008: When they entered the season with enormous expectations and fell on their collective faces with 88 losses; 14-20, 3.5 games off AL Central lead.
- 2006: When they won the AL pennant as a 95-win wild card team; 21-13, 2.5 games off AL Central lead.
- 1987: When they won an MLB-best 98 games during the regular season, but lost in the ALCS to Minnesota; 15-19, 7 games off AL East lead.
-1984: When the Tigers lead wire-to-wire and won the World Series; 29-5, 8-game lead in AL East.


Anonymous Michael C said...

This team needs a new manager. 2nd game in a row Leyland has pinch hit for Dirks in the 9th with the game on the line, and Dirks is the hottest hitter on the team. He probably did this because a lefty was on the mound both times, but Dirks had an OPS over 1.00 against both righties and lefties. Let him swing the damn bat! (And he pinch hit them with Worth and Santiago ...)

And he pulls Drew Smyly after only 69 pitches to use Putkonen in the 6th with a 1 run lead, instead of Below, Coke, Dotel, or Benoit, all of whom were available. Leyland said afterward he expected Putkonen to pitch 2 innings ... Putkonen predictably blew the lead. His 3rd time doing so in 4 appearances. (All close games where it made no sense to bring him in)

It seems like he's trying to lose games sometimes. I don't know how else to explain these moves.

5:13 AM 

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