Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thoughts on Tigers opening day victory over Red Sox

- Justin Verlander's brilliance wasn't in his overpowering fastball, but the command he had of all his pitches. His feel for pitching is matching his so-called "stuff." It's an amazing combination. It's just too bad he didn't get "W" for the effort.

- Anybody who doesn't think Miguel Cabrera's performance at third base today wasn't alarming has their head buried in the sand. But it was only one game...

- Jose Valverde has been a good closer for a long time, but it's probable he is not going to as effective this season as he was the second half of last season when he pitched the best baseball of his career.

- Getting rid of his leg kick evidently was the best thing Austin Jackson could have possibly done. He looked like a completely different hitter. Even his outs were good at bats.

- That was a great ball game. So many times on opening day, the game doesn't match the excitement surrounding it. Not Thursday.

My column on Austin Jackson:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Miguel admitted, that on the error play, that he pulled away from the shot,to protect his eyes. If he's not able to shake being gun shy the formula might be 40 games at 3rd, 50 games at 1st, with Fielder DH, and the rest at DH. If he can't handle 3rd, they will have a real problem when Victor Martinez returns next year. Dave

12:20 AM 

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