Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thoughts after 1 period, Red Wings, Predators Game 4

- Finally, the Red Wings played with the urgency at the start of a game they have been displaying at the end of the third period while in the midst of frantic comebacks. It put the crowd totally into this game. You can tell they want to believe in this version of the Red Wings, which wasn't easy following Sunday's loss.

- The Red Wings must do a better job of screening the goalie on the power play. They are making it too easy for Nashville's Pekka Rinne.

- Danny Cleary has to score that goal. Windows of opportunity are going to close quickly with Rinne in net. He is getting stronger as this series goes along.

- You can just tell that Nashville's Alexander Radulov loves himself some, well, Alexander Radulov. Talented player, though.

- I know Todd Bertuzzi's penalty was about trying to create room on the ice for one of his teammates, but it still has to fall under the category of unnecessary. Ditto for the one on Pavel Datsyuk, which negated a power play opportunity for the Red Wings.


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