Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thoughts pregame opening day, Tigers, Red Sox

Opening day is always a big deal in this town, but it is more intriguing this year for a couple reasons.
First of all, it won't be one and done. For a number of years, opening day was the only day a lot of sports fans in this area paid attention to the Tigers. That was especially true when the Pistons and Red Wings were both threats to win world titles. Now the Tigers have gone to the head of that list of expectations.
Another is the Red Sox are the opposition. My prediction is the Tigers will reach the World Series and lose to the Phillies. I was originally going to pick the Red Sox to win the American League pennant. But with closer Andrew Bailey injured, I'm not so sure about the Red Sox.
Boston still has great stars. Their lineup can match the Tigers, and is stronger at the top with Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia as the table setters.
This should just be a fun game today, but an excellent opening series. There are three terrific pitching matchups.
My sleeper team in the AL this season is Toronto. I expect the Yankees to struggle to win 90 games. The Michael Pineda trade, at least so far, appears to be recipe for disaster.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I am aware of the Angels and Rangers are formidible. The Tigers do play the Angels 10 times this season, by way - are during the second half of the season.
Prediction for the loudest cheer or boo today: Loudest cheer: The first time Miguel Cabrera fields a ground ball throws a runner out a first base. The loudest boo: If he makes an error.
Oh, and Prince Fielder will be very warmly welcomed.


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