Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thoughts after 1 quarter, Lions,Chargers

- Great decision by the Lions to come out throwing deep right away. Even if you don't complete that pass to Calvin Johnson, it lets the Chargers know right away you are coming at them. As it went, Lions QB Matthew Stafford did complete the pass. And it set up a TD.

- Idea for a reality TV show. "Preacher Curls with Ed Hochuli." The man has better guns, though, than instincts as a referee.

- Stafford has become much accurate with his shorter passes in the scoring zone. He was decisive on his touchdown strike to Brandon Pettigrew.

- The Lions are picking on Chargers' strong safety Steve Gregory, whose ball skills have been shaky so far.

- Terrific crowd noise today at Ford Field. The fans know what is at stake. The Lions still seem to struggle to sell their club level seats. They are only about half full today. Those are the pricey seats that don't count when it comes to the sellout and TV blackout.

- The Lions were stout against the run on the Chargers first drive. Great sign for them. If Chargers QB Phillip Rivers is able to mix pass and run, he becomes much more dangerous - and it would negate the Lions edge with the crowd noise on the snap count.


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