Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thoughts at halftime, Lions, Raiders

- There were supposed to be a zillion penalties in this game. So far, it's almost been a penalty-free game. Weird.

- The Raiders drive for a field goal to end the second quarter was just too easy.

- The Lions lack of running game has been hurtful all season, but is particularly painful today. It's Matthew Stafford or bust. It's all on him, and Calvin Johnson, to make big plays. The good part is the Raiders don't have much speed at safety, and after being burned by Johnson early, are obviously weary of him. And they should be. Johnson is open on the underneath patterns. He should have a big second half.

- The Lions will not win this game if Brandon Pettigrew does not make first-down catches in the middle of the field. Time for him to step up instead of step down.

- This is the most hop, jump, giddy-up, whatever you want to call it, we've seen from Nate Burleson in awhile.

- It's disappointing how little progress Gosder Cherilus has made. He is not playing well at all today.

- The fact the Bears and Giants both got blown out today hasn't exactly inspired the Lions so far, at least defensively.


Anonymous mike said...

The Lions defense needs to step up.

5:48 PM 

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