Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why it doesn't necessarily have to be one and done for the Lions in the playoffs

Would the Lions simply be one and done in the playoffs? It looked that way Monday Night watching the 49ers throttle the Steelers.
The Lions' offense doesn't match up well with the 49ers defense because they don't run the ball effectively. It would be tee-off time on Lions QB Matthew Stafford for San Francisco's front seven, led by Justin Smith and Aldon Smith, who both played very effectively when the teams met at Ford Field this season. The 49ers also have an excellent cover corner in Carlos Rogers, who might have been the best free agent signing of the off season. Alex Smith is playing well. I understand that, but I do believe Stafford would give the Lions a big edge at quarterback. Vernon Davis is a great tight end and Frank Gore is one of those running backs just made for the postseason.
The Lions wouldn't benefit from a return trip to New Orleans, either. Not a good place to play a first playoff game in a dozen years. Drew Brees against the Lions is not a good matchup, especially given the health of Detroit's secondary.
The best scenario would be if the Lions were to somehow slip past Atlanta and get Dallas or Eagles in the opening round.
Dallas, the front runner to win the NFC East, has a lot of playoff ghosts from the past, and the Lions already benefited greatly this season from the disaster Cowboys QB Tony Romo become in the clutch.
If the Lions win out and Atlanta loses (the Falcons still have to play at New Orleans), the Lions would move past the Falcons in the fifth seed and draw the NFC East winner (The Falcons have the tiebreaker over the Lions because their win at Ford Field this season).


Anonymous Nolan said...

Hey Pat,

How about letting the Lions actually clinch a playoff spot before writing this? Are you trying to jinx them?

1:12 PM 
Anonymous Gary said...

Mr. C

Come on Pat. The Chargers are on their annual mad dash to the playoffs saving Turner's bacon again. All receivers are healthy for young man Rivers. Our secondary is in shambles. A must win game for both. I am not sipping the blue kool-aid for this one.

Mr. K

5:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Nolan and Gary, why are you so ahead of yourself?

We have actually beaten only two relatively good teams this year, Dallas and Denver and who puts them in the top tier?

And the Dallas, two Minnesota games were comebacks. Our run defense and our run offense is poor.

I'm rooting like crazy but we could lose the next two games easily. And the playoff game, if it comes, will be a stretch win.

But anyway it turns out, it will have been a move up for the year.

5:39 PM 
Blogger Wayne Harris said...

I'm not thinking about playoffs until we make the playoffs lol these are the lions.

7:48 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions have lost to:

Green Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago (with starting QB).

Quiz: does anyone see a common trait among those opponents?

Also remaining games with San Diego (3 game win streak and +45 point differential) and Green Bay.

10:58 AM 

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