Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The reality of Urban Meyer at Ohio State

Urban Meyer has already created a splash by getting Michigan State recruit Se'Von Pittman, a defensive end, to change his commitment to Ohio State. He has also persuaded defensive linemen Tommy Schutt, Penn State's top recruit, to change to Ohio State.
It's quick impact, and has turned heads, but isn't unexpected. Meyer is the perfect fit at Ohio State. He couldn't be more high profile for what he did at Florida, winning two national titles, and he is a native son to Ohio. He is also a terrific coach, who is well-spoken. He is recruiting dynamite.
Michigan and Michigan State fans whining about his presence doesn't do much. Bemoaning the fact he is allowed to recruit without anybody knowing the upcoming NCAA sanctions because of tattoo gate is a moot point. Meyer is going to get top players anyway and it is a matter of time, probably a short period, before Meyer has the Buckeyes threatening to winning the national championship. He already has the ideal quarterback for his offense, Braxton Miller, in place. And he has three years left.
The upside for Michigan and Michigan State is they aren't in the same division as the Buckeyes. Really, all they have to worry about is each other and Nebraska. Iowa may lose Kirk Ferentz, who figures to be a leading candidate for the Kansas City NFL job (He has close ties with Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and an NFL background). But the Ohio State game is protected on Michigan's schedule because of tradition, and the Spartans face the Buckeyes again next season in their conference opener.
The Spartans and the Wolverines can thump their chest about this season. Michigan State for getting to the Big Ten title game, Michigan for a surprising 10-2 record in the first season for Brady Hoke. Both teams kicked Ohio State when it was down and beat the Buckeyes in 2011.
But Urban Meyer is reality. The Buckeyes won't be down for long.


Blogger Dave said...

The reality is Ohio State has 2 coaching staffs, which should not be allowed. They have a clear advantage at recruiting right now over everybody!

10:04 AM 
Blogger Joe Nagy said...

I think the only "whining" MSU and UM fans are doing is that OSU has two head coaches! One prepares for the Rose Bowl while the other calls recruits all day. You think the NCAA would have learned its lesson giving waivers to OSU by now.

10:40 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michigan is a peacock that can't stand the notion someone else is getting all the attention. Sorry Wolverines - you picked a Lloyd Carr clone for a coach - prepare yourselves for a lot of 9-3 seasons, with the occasional 10-2 record when the scheduling is ripe. Pat, since we're on the subject, are you still sticking with your prediction that Michigan will win a national championship in next 4-5 years?

2:06 PM 

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