Monday, December 12, 2011

Why Denard Robinson can be next year's Robert Griffin III

I voted for Robert Griffin III for the Heisman Trophy, who won the award, this year, and while he is a different player than Denard Robinson, Michigan's quarterback, I do see parallels.
Robinson figures to go into next season as a leading candidate for the Heisman.
The similarities are that Robinson and Griffin both have extraordinary speed and do their best work out of the spread, although each do take snaps under center regularly. Robinson runs a lot more - over 1,770 yards as a sophomore and 1,100 going into the bowl game this season. Griffin ran for between 600 and 700 yards his last two seasons at Baylor. He also threw the ball roughly twice as much as Robinson. He is taller and more rangy as a thrower, but it took RG3 awhile to become refined. His passer rating in 2010 was 144.,2, less than Robinson's 149.6 that same year. This season he raised it to the best in the nation at 192.3 It shows you what type of improvement can be made year-to-year. After a slow start, Robinson's passer rating in 2011 was 142.2. In the last two games against Nebraska and Ohio State, though, it was 170.7 and 223.1, respectively.
By the way, I had Alabama running back Trent Richardson second on my ballot, and Stanford QB Andrew Luck third.


Anonymous Anthony said...

Extremely insightful and spot on as usual. Good read. Thanks Pat.

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