Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thoughts at halftime Lions, Vikings

- We'll see how much killer instinct the Lions have in the second half. They should put the Vikings away. Injuries in the Lions' secondary a mounting concern, though. They need Aaron Berry. Redemption for Alphonso Smith?

- I have to admit, I wondered what all the fuss was about Christian Ponder. Saw him play a lot at Florida State. Didn't think he was worthy of a first-round pick, but he is gifted. We've seen that today. We've also seen that he is a rookie. He played the same way last week against Denver. When he stops making those untimely mistakes, watch out.

- You have to like the way Matthew Stafford, for the most part, is managing the Lions offense. The Lions need to more aggressive in the second half. Put the ball in Stafford's hands. It's working. They don't need to force-feed the running game. Could have possibly scored a TD instead of a field goal before halftime. But 31 points in a half? Very good.


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