Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tigers go down swinging

My column on the Tigers loss to Texas Wednesday in Game 4 of the ALCS


Anonymous Michael C said...

I think Leyland has been great in these playoffs, and has made the right move much more often than not, and much more often than he did in the regular season. However I think this loss is on him.

I thought he made two really bad decisions in this game. The first was to send Al Alburquerque out there with 2 runners on when we're only down by one in the 6th inning. He's been super shaky in the playoffs and this was just way too big of a spot to risk it. After throwing his first 4 pitches a mile off the plate (and his next 2 as well) he should've been pulled. Leyland was lucky there, not good.

The second was the intentional walk to Beltre to set up the double play. Leyland ALWAYS likes to set up the double play late in close games with a base open, but with the way Beltre was struggling and with how hot the two hitters were behind him this was just the wrong move, plain and simple. And this one proved to be our undoing.

I don't blame him for sending Cabrera at all. That was the right decision, especially with Avila coming to the plate. He's been an automatic out in the playoffs.

I also disagreed with him having Jackson try to steal in extras with 1 out, since both Raburn and Cabrera could've hit a double and scored him from first. But I think that's a close enough decision that I don't blame him for it. I can't say the same about the other two, that had me futilely screaming at my TV in protest.

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