Thursday, October 06, 2011

On postseason baseball, Michigan at Northwestern and Tigers' prediction for tonight

Postseason baseball is not overrated. Tigers-Yankees, Diamondbacks-Brewers, Phillies-Cardinals are going down to a deciding Game 5. In some ways, I almost prefer a 5-game series. A lot more drama with so much stake in each game.

- It will be a testy game for Michigan Saturday at Northwestern. Wildcats' quarterback Dan Persa is going to play. When he does, he is effective. He's a great college player. Perfect for that offense. The question is, how long can he play. He was pulled late in Northwestern's loss to Illinois last week because of foot pain. He had Achilles Heel surgery last year.
Northwestern probably would have won that game had Persa played start-to-finish. Whether he can stay on the field will be the biggest single factor in the game. Also, Northwestern wide receiver Jeremy Ebert is a top receiver, the best Michigan has faced this season not named Michael Floyd. The Wolverines secondary will be tested.

- Look, when I picked the Tigers win their ALDS series with the Yankees in five games it was based on the idea Justin Verlander would start Game 5. Still, I'll stick with my pick. The Tigers win tonight and head to Texas for Game 1 of the ALCS Saturday. Doug Fister does OK. Tigers' bats explode for a big inning against Ivan Nova early. Jose Valverde ignores the cat calls and pitches out of a jam in the ninth. Tigers win 7-6.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My predictions: Michigan romps, the Tigers get stomped. Sorry, but I've never seen this team do well in the face of adversity. Just the opposite, actually...

10:52 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I know that Avila is considered to be a strong defensive catcher, but I picked up on something that's he's been doing over the series that isn't helping their pitching staff. He's been frequently moving his body when he's receiving the ball rather than trusting his glove. Watch close and you'll see that he's costing his pitchers some close pitches because when the umps see the body moving, it creates the perception that the pitch isn't a strike. One of the things that has made Pudge such a great defensive catcher is he always receives the ball very fluently, which creates a better illusion that the borderline pitches are in fact strikes. I've seen Aliva repeatedly make this mistake and it has cost them in a couple of situations where they could have gotten out of the inning.

lil rob

1:51 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

not many outside of Michigan/Tiger bandwagon are thinking they have a legitimate shot to win tonight.

heard Jerry Crasnick from espn/baseball america say that Yankees are "going to put the wood" to Fister. AJ Pierzynski who is doing some post season commentary said "I have a hard time seeing how Tigers can win this." He also questions why Leyland wouldn't use Verlander out of the pen in a limited way, as Girardi might use Sabathia.

Make no mistake... to those who haven't closely followed the Tigers or have a "pony in this race," the Tigers are viewed as huge underdogs.

I remember Coke saying bluntly in the preseason that he would like nothing better than to stick it to the Yanks. They have a chance to do just that...can't ask for more.

2:51 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's anybodies game. It's the old thing in baseball, it's pitching, pitching, pitching particularly the first few innings. I don't like the fact, though, that it's an away game and more importantly, that Fister gave the Yanks some confidence in that first game, hitters will be loose.

Nova can be had though. Give the Yanks a 54-46% advantage.

5:02 PM 

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