Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Can you imagine where the Tigers would stand if Curtis Granderson didn't make that catch?

My column for The Oakland Press on Game 4 of the ALDS:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, it was one of those games. Everything went right for NY and nothing went right for the Tigers. That okay because there is always Thursday night game and the bounces may come our way.

8:29 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Curtis doesn't make that catch, the series is probably over, on to Texas. As it is, it's on to NYC where, thankfully, the weather will NOT be a factor in Game 5. I expect the Tigers to do better against Nova, the next time around. I hope Fister can make the necessary adjustments so they end up in Texas.

9:51 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Can you imagine if the first nine Tigers all hit home runs?"

C'mon Pat - do better than that. If the Tigers lost because of a catch in THE FIRST INNING, they don't deserve to be here. They lost because key parts of their line-up have forgotten how to hit the ball.

11:26 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

This topic has been unanimous with all I have talked to today - Granderson misses either of those catches and it's a different ball game. No doubt.

But - here is the killer - absolutely EVRY SINGLE ONE of those "fans" said "but you can't hate Granderson".

I now hate Granderson. He just Brett Farve'd us.

Give the Yankee's pitching coach ALL the credit for that win though - he fixed Burnett quickly - and that was real killer.

12:34 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh? Are you Kool Aid fans nuts? Crazy speculation like this makes no sense. Let's get over this Granderson thing and move on.

5:29 PM 

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