Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tigers farm system has done better than given credit - this is why

The Tigers player development system has often been under fire for not drafting nor developing high-ended players. The criticism has mostly been justified.
This season is providing redemption for the organization, however.
Justin Verlander has been the best pitcher in baseball. While it is true he was the second overall selection in the draft, it was anything but a no brainer at the time. Verlander was 21-18 in his career at a relatively low profile college program - Old Dominion. There was much-speculation at the time the Tigers would select a high school pitcher, Homer Bailey, instead.
The Tigers also drafted Curtis Granderson from Illinois-Chicago in the third round. At the time, he was projected as a solid-hitting corner outfield prospect with limited speed and power.
That's the possible American League Cy Young/MVP combo right there.
And the Tigers found pitcher Jair Jurrjens in Curacao.
The current team has homegrown players, still relatively young, who has performed well. Alex Avila and Brennan Boesch. And there are others used in trades who have had good seasons. Matt Joyce with the Rays comes to mind first.
Avila, Joyce, Verlander, Granderson and Jurrjens were each selected for the All Star Game



Anonymous Dream Katari said...

Thats like 4 players out of how many?

Im not the biggest baseball person at all, but there is like 3 farm teams. And out of all 3 over the years we only got 4 good players.

That seems bad. It also implies we got very lucky with the 4 youre giving the tigers credit for.

9:13 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I can recall numerous (which means to me more than ten so I can't count on my fingers) times over the past 5 years times when the Tigers have been leading or in contention in the middle of the season and dipped down into Toledo to get that short-term player who's hot and rode him until he needed to be sent back down. Some stayed up - others proved their value and were included in deals that got us even closer - some - like Joyce - I wish we had back.

This ability to draw short-term talent is as valuable I think as growing the superstars.

Superstars don't come along very often - one or two in five years is a good crop. 4 shows your doing something right.

PS - Avila doesn't count - I think the GM knew about him long before the farm system.

12:26 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'd like to have Joyce back too, but remember we traded him for Edwin Jackson, who ultimately got us Max so I don't think that played out too badly!

5:27 PM 

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