Monday, September 05, 2011

Just because it seems too good to be true for the Detroit Tigers doesn't mean it is

The Tigers were probably going to win the American League Central even if general manager Dave Dombrowski hadn't made several moves.
But it probably would have been more by default than actually capturing the division.
The White Sox should be able, but aren't willing. That team has rolled over. The Indians are very willing, but just not able.
Doug Fister has not only solidified the Tigers' starting rotation, but he has become the No. 2 starter. He throws harder and has better command than I could have imagined. I saw him pitch a lot for the Mariners. He wasn't like this, and it is a great surprise. I'm sure the Tigers thought he was good, but it's doubtful they believed he would be this good.
It can't be overstated what Delmon Young has meant in the third spot in the order. It has not only made the Tigers as close to a certainty as possible of winning the division, but has made them much more threatening in the postseason.
That would be especially true if they beat out Rangers down the stretch to secure home field advantatge in the ALDS.
It's a credit to Dombrowski. He has had his share of stinker moves in the past. but lately he has displayed the Midas Touch. All his moves lately have turned to gold.



Blogger Larry Baker said...

You're right, Book. The re-signings of Ordonez, Inge, and Peralta seemed a strategy for building around declining players, and had me grating my teeth. Besides fitting perfectly into the rotation and batting order, Fister and Young are players who may be part of our future nucleus as well.

7:53 PM 
Blogger @BobbleHeadGuru said...


There rotation looks to be set for a while. Turner/Oliver can take the #5 spot. All under contract and all young.

We also have under 30 year old position players for all 3 OF positions, C, 1st and SS. All we need is a 2nd baseman and a SS.

They are poise to be good for a while... on paper.

10:24 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Larry Baker,
Funny how it works in baseball sometimes. All these moves that seems to go wrong - then Dombrowski really hits on a couple and it seems like the Tigers are going places.

11:38 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Oliver is an interesting case. I think most Tigers' fans have written him off. Might not be the right move.

11:38 AM 

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