Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ramon Santiago has earned the second base spot for the Tigers - this is why

I've longed viewed Ramon Santiago as a backup player. He is one those players who does well in stretches, but when he is played too regularly, gets exposed.
Also, Ryan Raburn has a reputation as a better hitter than Santiago.
But in comparison, during the second half of this season, the numbers don't bear that out. Santiago is hitting .311 for the second half, so is Raburn. Santiago doesn't have as much power as Raburn - supposedly. He has the second half. Raburn has four home runs, Santiago three. Raburn's OPS for the second half is very good - .865. Santiago's is better - .884.
What about platooning them? Doesn't make sense because Santiago is a switch hitter who is hitting .349 right-handed this season.
There is little question which player is the better fielder. That part is not even close. Santiago is obviously much better defensively.
Now, there are still three weeks remaining in the season. A lot can change in that period, especially in a drive for a division title. There is Carlos Guillen, for example. Right now, it doesn't look like he may belong the Tigers' playoff roster, but that will change if he gets a key hit or two.
Presently, though, it's difficult to look past Santiago. He's the earned second base spot.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santo might not be an all-star but he is a switch-hitter and is a GAMER .. pretty good in the clutch. I feel comfortable when he is up to the plate, unlike Inge. Also good defensively. Earns his money.

By the way, kudos, Pat, for pointing out that Rayburn bats much better in the second half.

Came true, beats the h... with me how he does it unless it's the warm weather. Kinda has a nice power swing.

5:40 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why you're a sports writer and not a manager. You can plug in Santiago all over the place - you could not do that with Rayburn. Santiago is more valuable in his current role than he would be if he was anchored at second base. Think in the macro Pat - and it will make sense to you.

11:12 AM 

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