Monday, May 30, 2011

On Jim Tressel's resignation

People can say whatever they want about Jim Tressel, and how shaky his regime was at Ohio State in terms of ethics. But he will always be a hero in that state. He was 15-1 against Michigan and Michigan State, including 9-1 against Michigan. He won a BCS national championship - the only one captured by a Big Ten school to date. He's the only coach to lead a Big Ten school to the BCS title game.
In this state, it's sad - because Michigan and Michigan State will never get the opportunity to beat Tressel; the disgrace of his departure will provide limited solace.
In Ohio, they don't care about the shady part. They only care that he won. In their minds, it won't be tainted - even if the NCAA changes the records. And there will be plenty of great coaches lined up for that job. They will inherit a full cupboard that will be more than enough to overcome the inevitable sanctions. It doesn't mean the ship will turn around and head in a different direction.
It does, however, open the door this season. That Michigan State game in Columbus will be particularly telling. All those Buckeyes will still be suspended. Can the Spartans, who appear formidable, take advantage?



Anonymous Anonymous said...


As a longtime reader of your columns and blog posts (I'm a Tigers fan, a former resident of SE Michigan, an OSU alumni and a current resident of Ohio, I strongly disagree with your statement that those of us in Ohio "don't care about the shady part." You obviously haven't been reading the various OSU fan sites or listening to the local radio. Many people, including myself, had decided that his transgression was so serious that he could no longer remain as head coach. On some fan posting boards, open warfare had broken out.

You painted a broad brush about OSU fans, one that isn't based on facts but one that reflects the preconceived notions or hopes of the MSU and UM fan base. I've seen numerous examples over the years. My opinion of you has suffered.

1:12 PM 
Anonymous Pregnancy Pointers said...

At least he finally showed some integrity and stepped down. I find it interesting that this happened right before a HUGE article investigating TSIO came out. Maybe the report coming from Dohrmann and SI on the 31st is going to expose some more major violations....

8:05 AM 
Anonymous Personal Home Inspector said...

Yet another game of Wack a Mole involving college football. Corrupt coaches, corrupt administrations, and, mostly corrupt alumni. And, don’t forget the bowl game systems. There is SO much money involved; I find it amazing these kind of stories are not a daily feature. At some point, the NCAA should simply admit the College Football in NFL lite, and just pay a nominal fee to the players. Consider it the Minor League of the NFL. The kids get exposure. and MAYBE an education, the schools get the big bucks from TV and tickets, and the NFL gets a good look at future players.

11:56 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Appreciate the comments. Glad you made them from the standpoint that there don't seem to be too many Ohio State people - even after all this - who step up and say they are outraged by the lack of institutional control. Ohio State's academic reputation - fairly or unfairly - suffers a great deal because it seems like the football program's tail is wagging college as a whole.

10:28 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Pregnancy Pointers,
Without the media doing some excellent reporting, none of this would have come out. But to many Ohio State fans, that means the media is to blame.

10:30 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Personal Home Inspector,
I may be naive on this, but I don't believe most college football programs have issues to the same degree Ohio State apparently had under Jim Tressel.

10:32 AM 

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