Friday, May 27, 2011

On the Nate Burleson issue...

- Nate Burleson said his comments to a Seattle television station were about the weather. I believe him. There is no reason not to.

- When a prominent Detroit area athlete refers to Detroit as "not desirable" it is an issue, not something to just sweep under the rug.

- I presented the video and let you be the judge of what it meant. I didn't like it when I first saw it, and said that, too, but now understand what he was talking about.
But I'm not afraid, as much of a buzz-saw as I may find myself in because of it, to be the only guy in the room to raise my hand and say, "What does this mean?"

- Fans jump on and off bandwagons continually. It's the nature of sports. The Lions won their last four games last season and Burleson played well. Early last season, when the Lions were losing and he was playing despite being injured and it obviously had a bearing on his effectiveness, I kept getting calls about how he was a bust and had to calm people down about it.
I call it the Brandon Inge factor. Now he is the worst player in the history of mankind - and will never be good again. Not necessarily true. In 2009, at the All Star break, when Inge was playing the best baseball of his career, I said he would likely slump the second half of the season - and you'd thought I had just attacked the American flag or something.
Where are all those who were ripping Curtis Granderson now?
I understand that. I don't have any problem with it. Love fans for it, actually. And there is some justification for it. Sports is a bottom line business.
I just try to sort through it with whatever knowledge and experience I have.

- I was born in Detroit and have lived in Oakland County since I was nine, except for when I attended Michigan State. I don't hide my affection for this area, understanding its good points and bad. What we've gone through is very difficult, and I understand some of the self-effacing things people say, but don't agree with the perception this is a horrible place overall.
I'm grateful I was born here. I feel blessed I still live and work here. I don't think we should apologize to anybody for who we are.
And I don't apologize to anybody for feeling that way.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, ok, Pat, now I have it.

You are the objective, experienced sports reporter that has the ability to 'see' and anaylze innuendoes.

The fans are subjective "bandwagon" emotional people that need to be led out of their subjectivity and emotional swings.

Gosh, that is provocative.

Now I understand.

5:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People bash other people's homelands all the time. Cleveland "mistake by the lake". Growing up in Detroit we laughed about that all the time. Erie, PA was considered Godforsaken. What about he entire state of Mississippi? I just think everybody is waayy to thin-skinned now. I lived for 40 years in SE Michigan, I love Detroit, most of my family is there but there are better places to live. It is not a crime to say that. The Burleson thing is much ado about nothing.


11:29 PM 
Blogger Steve said...

Hey Anonymous...

Beautifully said.

Pat will try to rationalize his musings somehow, but your interpretation is spot on.

8:30 AM 
Blogger Steve said...


Get over yourself.


8:31 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I get Burleson's point. Those guys weren't being paid to work out here. They paid to travel, for their room and board... and he threw in the little extra kicker about the state of Detroit today as proof of their dedication.

Fine to be sensitive about it, I guess, and I was born in the City of Detroit and have watched its decline, but it's true... it's declined. It should sting, and things should improve in Detroit as a result of that "sting".

Inge is likely done, Book. He's a passenger right now. Saying that might sting as well, but it's true. They just moved Sizemore, and Inge's value is no greater than his.

9:26 AM 

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