Friday, October 08, 2010

Michigan will beat Michigan State Saturday. This is why

I think Michigan will defeat Michigan State Saturday in Ann Arbor.
Michigan State has played well defensively, but hasn’t seen anything remotely like Wolverines’ quarterback Denard Robinson, who is truly unique.
Robinson is the fastest quarterback in the country. When he gets to the edge, he’s gone. Michigan’s offensive line is underrated. They will give Robinson just enough space to take off. And Robinson is a very good passer with excellent receivers like Roy Roundtree, Junior Hemmingway and Darryl Stonum, Martavious Odoms and Kelvin Grady. Robinson does spread the ball around well.
Now, I don’t think Michigan’s defense is going to be effective against MSU’s offense, either. State has a good group of running backs - led by Le’Veon Bell and Oak Park’s Edwin Baker - some threatening receivers and a good offensive line paced by Milford’s Joel Foreman. But MSU’s offense is prone to untimely turnovers. It’s the one thing that hasn’t been good about Spartans’ quarterback Kirk Cousins. Even in the Wisconsin victory last week, he was picked off a couple times. I do think it will be close and very high scoring. Something along the lines of 41-38.

Random Thoughts

- Nobody is calling this the steroids era anymore. Great pitching has taken over postseason baseball with tremendous games thrown by Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay. To me, it makes the games even more interesting. It had gotten to the point in baseball where the thrill was almost gone when a home run was hit. Now it means something again.

- The Lions have been great benefactors of the Michigan State-Michigan game hype. Jim Schwartz’s program is at a tipping point with an 0-4 record. The Lions should beat the Rams at home Sunday. If they don’t, it will be a good sign Schwartz is not any more effective a head coach as his predecessors.



Blogger ARTKNARF said...

Yay MSU!
State has a good team.
michigan does not.
Pat, even a really good player can't win it for you, if he throws 3 interceptions, and the receivers drop balls, and the other team runs over you at will.
Hey just teasing you Pat, love your blogs and your radio show.
seriously what I want to know, is the Michigan style offense even worth running? It didn't look great v State, and I wonder how good a team and how good a QB do you need to run that in the Big10?
OK so how many or what games does rich rod have to win to keep his job?

yes you can see by the HR etc that the steroids have been cut down. good, I hate the steroid players, and none of their stats have any meaning for me. to me roger Marris and hank Arron are the HR record holders. the cheaters are a sad lot, disgraced before the world.

take care Pat!


10:55 AM 
Blogger Joe Nagy said...

Well, Pat, I commend you for going out on a limb. Unfortunately for you, that limb was held together with Denard Robinson's shoelaces.

I now give you the floor for your mea culpa.

11:15 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rich Rod's defense continues to underachieve, and gave up long running plays that killed them. MSU is a good team, and their D did enough. Congrats to them.

Schwartz dodged a bullet. He needs more than this though, including at least one road win, and 2-3 would be better. If he finishes out 2-12 or something, he'll be on the hot seat.

4:17 PM 

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