Monday, October 18, 2010

Lions make too many mistakes to claim progress or effort


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat, I kinda don't understand it.

Yeah, penalties and mental mistakes come along with young guys that are being taught to be aggressive.

One expects coaches to optimize situations like blitzing, matching up with play situations, zone coverage vs. man-on-man, etc.

But it seems like the most fundamental thing the coaches can do is teach mental discipline in not getting stupid penalties.

The Lions are making mentally stupid penalties in situations that are unbelievable.

It's not like these guys are not trained and experienced.

I don't know the solution to stop this crazy behavior. The coaches are paid big bucks to teach the team not to do these things.

Lions will never be a good team with this lack of discipline.

7:04 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Some penalties are the result of the opponent being superior and grabbing or interfering to compensate. Others are just nonsensical. For the Lions, there are too many of the latter type of penalties, mixed in with the others they are going to get because they just aren't that good.

1:15 PM 

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