Friday, October 15, 2010

I don't expect MSU to falter vs. Illinois

I know a lot of people are expecting Michigan State to falter this weekend because the Spartans haven't exactly responded well to success in the past, but I think they win this game. It's at home. If it were on the road, I might think differently.

Random Thoughts

- If Iowa beats Michigan handily this week, the proverbial dogs will out of the 'pen and after Rich Rodriguez. Somehow the Wolverines must tighten up defensively. I'm not sure they can, though. They are just limited in regard to talent in the secondary.

- Matt Hoffman, a left-hander who came out nowhere, is drawing raves in the Arizona Fall League. He was taken late in the draft by the Tigers a couple years ago, and hits 95 mph on the radar gun at times. He is a left-handed reliever the Tigers may push to the big leagues relatively quickly next season - if he continues to show progress.

- Cale Iorg is playing every day in Arizona, but his chances of making an impact with the Tigers has dwindled. He will be 26 next - not exactly in the "prospect" category anymore.

- I know the Red Wings are fighting some injuries, but there are no excuses to get jumped on the road like they were last night in Dallas. Let face it, this has been a disappointing week so far for the Red Wings.

- Colt McCoy will start for the Browns Sunday against the Steelers. Sam Bradford has done fairly well for the Rams, despite what happened Sunday at Ford Field. Mark Sanchez has been OK for the Jets and Matthew Stafford has made progress, although it has been stunted, obviously, by injuries. Tim Tebow is riding the bench in Denver. But of all the high-level quarterbacks that were discussed in the last two NFL drafts, the one receiving the least hype, Josh Freeman, might be the best.



Anonymous poker affiliate said...

After beating Michigan and Wisconsin, Michigan State has to be taken seriously as a top 10 caliber team. They should be able to handle a tough Illinois team, but the Big 10 seems to have a lot of parody this season.

4:00 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

poker affiliate,
Now that the Spartans are getting their due, how will they handle it?

1:41 PM 

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