Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How many wins would save Rich Rodriguez's job?

Losing in such dismal fashion the last two weeks has put Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez clearly on the hot seat.
Now the question is, how many wins does he need to save his job?
I said at the start of the year, I thought eight or more victories - and Rodriguez would return for 2011. I still hold that thought. If Michigan gets to eight, it means a .500 record in the Big Ten, and a trip to what figures to be a respectable bowl game.
In order to get there, the Wolverines must procure a signature victory. That would mean winning at Penn State, or defeating a Wisconsin squad that upended Ohio State, or winning at Ohio State, which would be an especially satisfying prize, in addition to beating Purdue and Illinois - teams Michigan should, frankly, defeat.
Any less than seven wins, and it's difficult to imagine Rodriguez will not be gone. Michigan can't go 2-6 or 1-7 in the Big Ten again - and bring him back. Just can't see that happening.
The interesting number is seven. It still might get Michigan in a surprising good bowl game. It would probably mean losses to Penn State and Wisconsin. Not sure, how it would play out if Michigan only has six wins going into the Ohio State game. Would a victory over the Buckeyes be enough to save to Rodriguez's fate? Or would it already be determined going into the game?

Random Thoughts

- Call me crazy, but I still see a Yankees-Phillies World Series. If the Yankees win Game 5, I see a tight Rangers team emerging. although I will say, beating Cliff Lee in the postseason is an enormous task.

- It's amazing how all the good teams in the NFL are in the AFC. The best team in the NFC is? I don't have an answer for that. All the more reason the Lions should expect to turn things around relatively quickly, eh?

- The NHL schedule is maddening. The Red Wings haven't played since Saturday. Then they play home games Thursday and Saturday vs. Calgary and Anaheim, but don't play again until Thursday at home. No trips. Nothing. Just practice. It's like they are playing in the CCHA or something. Oh, and who was the genius who came with the Red Wings playing the Ducks twice at home within the first few games of the season. Truly oofy stuff.


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