Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Value Would Harvey Unga Have To The Lions?

If I were the Lions, I would put their name into the hat for Harvey Unga, the running back from Brigham Young, who is available in Thursday's NFL supplemental draft. But I wouldn't put it in earlier than the sixth, probably the seventh, round. That means the Lions wouldn't probably get him.
Unga was a productive runner - a three-time 1,000-yard rusher in college - and pass catcher (102 receptions) in college. He is also a big back (240 pounds and built relatively low to the ground).
But can he run inside? That's what the Lions are looking for, and it's difficult to discern because he played in a spread offense at BYU that is the polar opposite of the pro sets he would be deployed in.
Speculation is that Unga will go in the third or fourth round Thursday. He is clearly the best player available in this year's supplemental draft.
Any team selecting him in the supplemental draft will have to give up their corresponding pick in next year's NFL Draft.
Unga is available because he left BYU after a reported honor code violation.
Right now, the Lions' best inside runners are Kevin Smith and fullback Jerome Felton.
Felton has about the same speed as Unga, is as big and also has good hands. And this is his third year in the league.



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