Monday, July 12, 2010

Tigers Decision: Go With Youth Or Trade For Veterans?


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, Tigers should only be trading for stars, maybe Haren, and Oswalt doesn’t want to come to Detroit. Santiago is doing well at ss and Aliva need more time to develop. If a minor upgrade at these positions is only available, why do it? I like JL theory of another relief pitcher. I think one thing that might develop into the market is a power left-handed DH such as Fielder or Dunn. They are there for the taking and would help the line-up even more. The sore point about Oliver is where is his best pitch gone (cutter). I saw him pitch against the Braves and his cutter was breaking 6 inches. If he throws that pitch at 93 m.p.h few inches inside a left-handed batters, they will be frozen like a Rodney change-up. Maddux made a hall fame career by throwing the ball 6 inches outside to a right-handed batters and catching the outside corner.

11:59 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I don't agree with you on that, particularly for a starting pitcher. They need somebody to give them six innings or so per start - and then lean on their bullpen. That doesn't necessarily need to be a star starter. That if they can't get what they need from their current starters. They have six to choose from.

12:39 PM 

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