Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three Reasons, Despite The Odds, The Americans Will Win Today

1. Speed - Canada definitely has the edge in skill, but not in speed. The Americans are fast both up front and on the blue line. They are not winning because they are trapping in the neutral zone. They are winning because of their forecheck. And they are very solid playing with a lead.

2. The Americans have everything to gain, but nothing to lose. A silver medal and a win over Canada already is a monumental accomplishment. They'll be loose. Canada might be tighter than a drum, especially if the Americans get the lead.

3. Goaltending - Ryan Miller has been the best goaltender in the tournament.



Blogger Fred Brill said...

Well I do get some comfort as a Canadian that your picking your Americans today.

We'll find out here in about 20 minutes how this will play out.

But my main reason for hoping the Canadians win - and I think I speak for all of Windsor who have listened to you on the radio this last week - is just to shut you up.

My Ma's in Pensacola and my brothers in Baton Rouge - and I served in the American Coast Guard - until they found out I was Canadian - so I guess I can say that - - eh?

I love Americans.


Cheers my friend. Have a cold one for me during the game.

3:02 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I love Canada. But I do hope the Americans win sooooo badly. Tied 2-2. Should be quite a finish.

5:47 PM 
Blogger Kevin said...


I hope your wife has pulled you out of the snow by now.

If you are not snow dusted right now, then fling yousel as promised into the snow!

You said, just a few hours ago something to the effect that if Crosby had a hand in a canadian victory you would jump out your window into the snow.

Well, you now know that Crosby scored the game winner.

Enjoy your columns, articles and show.


6:14 PM 
Blogger Robert said...

Pat, I love your show, but you blew this call, sorry. I'm a little disappointed that you are so down on us Canadians, but never, never count us out. Hockey is our blood, like glory runs thru American's veins.
please give us some credit now, we are due.
Keep up the good work on the show,
Bob Martin, Windsor, Ont.

6:47 PM 
Anonymous jason said...

hey pat, i listen to you almost every day. you know your sports, but please when you talk of hockey keep it simple. americans call it pride when you talk up your country but it's bragging when canadians do it. we won and that's great, the u.s was great in this tournament, they deserve full marks for what they did. but don't use the cop out that beating us in round grobin play is fine with you guys thiss stung the u.s team. go canada

6:56 PM 
Blogger Core Contrarian said...

Book, about 11:45 today, I think you made a sarcastic comment as to who might score the game winner.

Just sayin'.

7:23 PM 
Anonymous Canada Rocks AGAIN said...

Hey man,
I listened to your comments on Saturday afternoon on the way down to Sterling Heights to my brothers place and shook my head listening to your one-sidedness. You are a true american patriot...but you have blinders on. Hockey is Canada's game. I agreed with you then when you said "whoever wins the gold medal round is the winner". None of this "we lost but we are a better team". I couldn't agree with you more now.

7:23 PM 
Blogger Paul said...

the worst thing possible

sid the kid wins the game

7:27 PM 
Anonymous CanadaRocksAGAIN said...

I forgot to mention that we are now the WINNINGEST GOLD MEDAL COUNTRY IN HISTORY...just wanted to clarify that....:-)

7:29 PM 
Anonymous CanadaRocksAGAIN said... winter olympic history. Yes, I'm Canadian and I do know what I'm talking about...

7:41 PM 
Blogger T.C. said...

Sorry Pat but the gold is Canada's with a 3-2 overtime win. The USA put up a great fight but Sidney Crosby showed the world why Canada is # 1 when it comes to hockey.

7:56 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

To all my Canadian friends out there - and I mean friends - it was a fun couple weeks, especially the last eight days. Great hockey. Great smack talk from both sides. And great victory for Canada. And great for USA hockey.

12:27 AM 
Blogger missiles said...

How's that crow tasting Pat?

10:46 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


YouTube the video about jumping out the window into the snow and we'll call it even.

Well, almost...

12:03 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, that was a great game. Canadians should not be so hard on you. Just wondering though if you would like a Sid The Kid Jersey? Miller finally crack, letting a goal through the five-hole.

12:40 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that the Canadians can finally have their day in the sun?


1:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that the Canadians can finally have their day in the sun?


1:18 PM 
Blogger fortini said...

Hi Pat
As a Canadian I was immensely thrilled with the Canadian men's team winning the Gold. The WIN was not sweeter because the losers were Americans. In fact, the teams seemed evenly matched and Miller was and is the better goalie.
Moreover, I can now watch any NHL game and feel I am watching teams from the best league in the world play. That is crucial to me.
As a side line in this discussion is the not too long ago event of Canadian juniors losing to the American juniors in the final game. That 'stung' us Canadians but there was little American 'bashing'.

Felix Fortini

6:02 PM 

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