Monday, February 22, 2010

The Americans Got What They Deserved - And So Did Canada

A couple things about the Canada-USA hockey game.

- God Bless America.

- I love Canada. I truly do. Nearly as much as my own country, and certainly more than any nation other than the United States. My mother was born there. I feel roots there. Not only from that standpoint, but having lived my entire life in a border town.
And I admire Canadian hockey. Always have. Always will.
But come on. The Canadians, both the public and insufferable media, are sooooo arrogant when it comes to hockey. That silence at the end of the game in Vancouver, where they once booed our national anthem before a world junior tournament game, was golden. Canadians got what they deserved in a certain way. Deep down many of them know it, too.
And Canada's Olympic record, other than the gold medal in Salt Lake City, isn't exactly stellar. Wasn't that big of an upset. The U.S. won the world junior titles, both 20 and under and 17 and under. Now this. It's the triple crown. All on Canadian ice.

- It wasn't only the Americans overall - it was the players from Michigan. Brian Rafaski and Ryan Miller were brilliant. Ryan Kessler scrappy. For an empty-netter, his goal was beautiful - and timely. Good to see Clawson's Tim Gleason suit up.

- Despite the American win, the Canadians just sent waves of great forwards at the U.S. I thought Rick Nash and Ryan Getzlaf were particularly dangerous. Do wonder about Canada's defense, though. Not as strong in terms of zone coverage as I expected.

- When the going gets tough, Joe Thornton doesn't get going. Most overrated player in the world. Wonder if Don Cherry regrets the time he called him the best player in the world.

- Please. Sidney Crosby is not in the same class as Alexander Ovechkin. That notion is just a figment of Gary Bettman's imagination. Loved Ovechkin's hit on Jaromir Jagr in the Russia-Czech game.

- Don't count out Canada. On an international level, it has a long history of rallying when put into a corner. The loss could have been a wakeup call. In a rematch with the Americans, I would expect Canada to win. If it were a seven-game series, I believe Canada would win.

- Mike Milbury, an American, sounded like he was trying to retain his gig on "Hockey Night In Canada" with that rhetoric he spewed prior to the game. Nice stammering act between periods.

- Thought Miller was more solid than spectacular. The U.S. scoring chances were really good. Martin Broduer was OK in goal for Canada. No excuse for bad clearing pass, though.

- Why was that game on MSNBC, not NBC? And my system, the same used by millions of Americans, doesn't have MSNBC in high-def. NBC dropped the ball on this one.




Anonymous David Hutchison said...

It was Miller Time alright - awesome game.

"In a rematch with the Americans, I would expect Canada to win. If it were a seven-game series, I believe Canada would win."

Thank you. My arrogance about hockey is retained ;)

1:54 AM 
Anonymous Brian Boatman said...

NBC is now familiar with an old line...."You screwed the pooch!" What were they thinking? I guess they would have put the U.S./Soviet game in 1980 on UHF. No it wasn't the Miracle of '80, but it was the biggest rivals playing with the most passion. At least they had Curling and Ice Dancing.

2:17 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, what you say is true but I do take a different approach. Miller played well but his play is a bit overrated. Not a lot of sporting people pick this up but the Americans play in front of Miller was outstanding. U.S plays a style little a bit like the Blues use to play back in the 80s’ and early 90s’ in their playoff run. All five guys in front of the net. The only disadvantage the Americans have now is the “cat is out of bag” on how they well play you. I really like way Team Canada forwards played and wow did they domain a very good U.S Team. Marty could be better especially on the second goal. I always like Lungo over Marty. When Lungo gets hot he is short of exceptional. Some days it rains and some days it is sunny out. Team Canada should be coming out of the rain soon and be the sun be shinning on them. This is Stevie Y team, hopefully his Team is like him with a lot grit and character.

9:18 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Mr.Hutchison, if the American and Canadians played a seven game series. The Canadians would win 4 games to 2. I don't think I have ever seen the Canadians domain such a good team such as the U.S. Canadians did not get any breaks and the puck bounce the wrong way. Look out when the puck bounces their way.

9:25 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

I did not see Miller to be over-rated at all. The second period looked like 15 minute power play with Canadians swarming and Americans struggling to clear.

I saw a lot of Canadian offence looking to set up the "perfect play".

I saw a defense that was almost larthegic at times - although it may have been the extra step that the US offense had on them that made it look that way.

I saw some showboating (Cosby's one hand attempt to cross resulting in a high stick call) and some dumb penalties.

And Broduer's bunt attempt - he has to get it futher down the 3rd base line - was just ... dumb.

Unless Canada learns some lessons and Luongo (sp?) gets the start - I don't see a rematch coming out any different.

A tweet from Canadian comedian Rick Mercer said it best at games end:

"Ohhh .... Canada".

PS - we are so upset over here that the school buses aren't running in the county today.

12:47 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fred,

your comments are kinda funny.

You are an interesting person - I love your comments... keep it up!!

After a hard day, I love to read your comments. Thanks.

9:48 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

David Hutchinson,
LOL. But it might turn out only that one game counted. The US bracket is so much easier than the one the Canadians must go through.

12:28 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Brian Boatman,
To me it was unreal. Then Bob Costas came on the next day and said it was the most viewed hockey games since .... on our sister station MSNBC. Not in high def? Couldn't believe it.

12:30 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Actually I agree with you about that. All this talk about how Canada dominated the game and Miller was the only difference is not true in my mind. The Americans had the quality scoring chances, if not the quanity of scoring chances.

12:31 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I think there was so much pressure on Canada in that game it was like its players were gripping the stick too tightly. The Americans had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Do believe that was a big factor.

12:32 PM 

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