Tuesday, December 01, 2009

On The Red Wings, Richard Hamilton, Manny Harris And Vince The Prince

The Red Wings' depth in the past has been exceptional, but this season it is much different. Especially, obviously, after numerous injuries.
Their top power play unit is as strong as usual with Nicklas Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski on the point, Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk along the wall, and Tomas Holmstrom in front of the net. It's the second until that is a stretch. Derek Meech was on the point Monday, for example.
A couple things:
- Lidstrom must start producing. He still plays 25 minutes a night and the key role on the power play. He looks fine. It just he never garners goals or assists. That's an issue. In the Red Wings' losses this season, he has one assist. He has two assists in the last 10 games. One goal all season.
- Jimmy Howard is playing well. You don't see the same type of soft goals he allowed during his previous stints with the Red Wings, and on the trip to Sweden to begin this season.
- Todd Bertuzzi is a key for the Red Wings. I know that isn't necessarily comforting for Red Wings fans, many of whom don't seem to like him, but he is exceptionally skilled for his size. Did you see how easily he got the puck on edge and flipped it in backhand during the shootout Saturday in St. Louis?
- I do believe the Red Wings' injuries will allow them to peak at the right time for the playoffs. But first things first. They must get there. And it should not be minimized just what an edge home ice can be.
The win in St. Louis Saturday was important from the standpoint it was on the road. Traditionally a very good road team, the Red Wings have had several stinkers on the road this season, most notably at Buffalo and Toronto.

Random Thoughts

- Where is Richard Hamilton? Saw Tayshaun Prince on the Pistons bench when I was at the game Sunday vs. Atlanta? It's almost like Hamilton is no longer even on the team. Thought it was just a sprained ankle.

- Still think North Carolina is too strong inside for the Spartans to beat tonight, especially on the road. The Spartans miss Goran Suton. That much is already clear.

- It wouldn't surprise me if Manny Harris is the Big Ten's Player of the Year.

- Now wouldn't that be something if Jim Harbaugh ended up at Notre Dame.

- Vince Young's comeback has been remarkable. There are some people who cave into adversity. Obviously, he is one of those people who grew because of it.

My column in Tuesday's Oakland Press on Tiger Woods: http://tinyurl.com/y8dskj3



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vince the prince HA

lil rob

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lil rob,
You got that right, "Pal."

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