Friday, December 18, 2009

The Silverdome: It Was Ugly, But It Was Ours

I know this is going to sound strange, but I am starting to have sentimential feelings about the Silverdome.
Yeah. I miss it. Seems odd because it wasn't charming in its structure. When it opened, there were leaks in the roof. The roof collapsed once. The parking lot was a disaster. It was the most difficult stadium in the world to drive in off the freeway. The carpet artificial turf during the Silverdome era is my most-hated sports playing surface ever. Ford Field is a beautiful venure. Huge upgrade.
But you know, the Silverdome sure was loud on football Sundays. The Lions of that era were more disappointing than successful, but they at least they were exciting. And if there was ever a place made for Monster Truck Smashes, it was the Silverdome.
Come on. $583,000? That's all it's worth?
Seems like the memories are worth a lot more.

Random Thoughts

- Curtis Granderson in a Yankees uniform is more like Lance Parrish in a Phillies' uniform than Travis Fryman in an Indians' uniform. Let me explain.
Fryman was a fine player with the Tigers, but this town connected with Granderson. It doesn't connect with too many ballplayers like that. There is just a different feeling when a player like Granderson becames part of another town.

- Have to admit I didn't think this was possible, but Jimmy Howard is saving the Red Wings' season. They are only six points behind San Jose, with a game in hand, for the top spot in the Western Conference. Wouldn't be possible without Howard.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also kind of liked that structure ... that was what it was .. just a structure with a white top on it ..

But I had season tickets right in sweet spot of Barry Sanders ..

What a rush to see him run .. the great thing about it was that it didn't matter whether it was 3 and 15 or whether the ball was on the Lions own 2 yard line .. it could break it to the house .. man was that great to watch him!

9:09 PM 
Blogger William said...

I don't share in the nostalgia. I never liked the Silverdome. I hated watching games in there because the change in air pressure always meesed up my ears, and I had to play two football games in there and it was the worst playing surface ever inflicted upon man, bar none. The location was horrible, and the neighborhood around it sucked. I honestly can't think of one good thing about it, and I'm not trying to be a troll, I just honestly hated the place. I hear there may be a soccer team in there soon, and that pisses me off because I am a soccer fan, and the last thing I want to do is have to go back to the Silverdome. Just junk the place a park or something.

12:52 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Both Barry Sanders and Billy Sims bring back great memories of the Silverdome. They both rocked the house.

5:41 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

LOL. The air pressure in the place was incredible. It was almost impossible at times to open the doors.

5:42 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't see Billy Sims as I was in Cleveland at the time, but wish I had.

I watched Jim Brown at Cleveland during his heyday. What a dominant runner.

Could you imagine being a coach with Jim Brown and Barry Sanders in your backfield with the Lombardi offensive line?

11:25 AM 
Anonymous Sean said...

I remembr going to the Silverdome. I thought it was a classic dome structure. I don't know about the couple of rain showers they had inside of the Silverdome, but the Lions games I attended were enjoyable. That's the environs of the dome, not neccesarily the game play.

8:29 PM 
Anonymous Baseball Coach said...

I’ve recently learned of some interesting information regarding the Silverdome sale. By now everyone knows it was purchased by Andreas Apostolopoulos of Triple Properties, Inc. out of Toronto for $583,000 which is a 95 percent reduction from the $55.7 million it cost to build. Yet what most people are unaware of is the building in the Silverdome parking lot run by Playmakers University.

This organization gives so much back to the community through specialized training, reduced prices; facility usage, etc. yet may have to close their doors because Andreas Apostolopoulos wants to charge them a $10,000 per month rental fee.

I coach a youth baseball team and we use Playmakers University and love it there, my boys think of it as a second home, but as of February 28, when the lease runs out, we will not have a place to practice. Additionally, we were going to do our best to give back the community by conducting a six week baseball clinic for local youth, not free, but very reasonably priced – priced just enough to keep Playmakers University up and running – now that is not an option.

I share this information with you because I see it as very sad that one mans’ greed can have an affect on so many people, especially our young people who use this facility as somewhat of a boys and girls club. I think this is important for a struggling community that can’t afford a $10,000 a month price tag. Think about it, at that price Playmakers University would have paid enough to own the Silverdome in 58.3 months or 4.8 years!

I may not have all the facts and figures 100 percent correct as I’m sure the folks that run Playmakers University know more and are still negotiating (but not having much luck); but I do know right from wrong….and this feels wrong.

7:29 PM 

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