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Definition Of Losing Culture: Detroit Lions

I am a firm believer the Lions’ biggest problem is a longstanding losing culture. The difficulty is how vague the statement "losing culture" is.
Want a definition for it? I can’t really give you one. I can only point to the Lions as a prime example.
Conversely, I also believe there is a winning culture.
We’ve seen it this season with the Pistons. They are a winning organization. It’s why they were able to recover quickly and thrive after Grant Hill’s departure. It’s why they have been performing surprisingly well this season, despite injuries that should have put the team in the tank during what figured to be a transitional season.
Players get better when they come to the Pistons. If they have a rookie with talent, he develops. It’s happened over and over again. Also, the Pistons went through a terrible streak recently with two thirds of their key players out. They lost a lot of games in a row at the time, but what was really admirable during that period is how hard the team played in those defeats. They didn’t even remotely rollover, which the Lions have done routinely for years at the first sign of any adversity.
The Red Wings are another example of a winning organization. Look at how many players join that team and just play better. Daniel Cleary is the prime example in recent years. We may be seeing it again with Todd Bertuzzi. There is another Detroit team that could have folded. All the excuses in the world are there.
It’s like that in the NFL, too. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz’s former team, the Tennessee Titans, are prime example of a winning culture. They lost a game 59-0 early in the season. Their season began with a six-game losing streak. They won 47-7 Sunday - and have won six of seven games.

Random Thoughts

- I have no problem with Mark Ingram winning the Heisman Trophy. Do wonder how Michigan State’s football fortunes would be different if Mark Dantonio had been able to land him, and if Nick Foles, who transferred to Arizona, where he has starred, had stayed with the Spartans. He transferred also immediately after Keith Nichol transferred from Oklahoma.

- Big win for Oakland over Wisconsin-Green Bay Sunday. It’s the first time the Golden Grizzlies have displayed their potential this season. Wisconsin-Green Bay had Wisconsin, which routed OU early in the season.

My column in Monday's Oakland Press about the Lions:



Anonymous Jeff H. said...

I don't think Foles or Ingram would have done anything near what they did this season if they were at State. State's offensive line wouldn't allow them to do what they have done elsewhere. Congrats to Ingram on a great season.

3:29 PM 
Blogger Joe said...

I didn't watch all of the Lions game this Sunday, I only caught parts of it. One of the parts I did see was the Derrick Mason touchdown where he caught the ball, got smoked by the Lions' safety, and stayed on his feet (while the two Lions fell down), and ended up scoring a touchdown. I just laughed - I had to. This is what the Lions are - a bumbling bunch of fools that can't get out of their own way. Stop going for the highlight real play and just make the tackle for Pete's sake!

4:33 PM 
Blogger William said...

You're absolutely right about the losing culture. Their personnel decisions aren't helping either. Even if you have a winning attitude you'll lose if you have bad players. The Lions have safeties who can't tackle and they don't have one pass rushing threat on the D-line. They can't seem to make up their mind what kind of offense they're going to run. When they do get a good head coach the front office interferes with him to the point that he leaves football entirely. Neither Mariucci nor Ross were bad head coaches,in fact both were proven winners, but the Lions drove them both insane. WCF is either unwilling or unable to be competitive, if I were the NFL I would pressure him to get out of the league.

7:43 AM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

one thing that stood out on sundays game was when the announcers said there was nothing wrong with the scheme.. these players just didn't make the play. I am so tired of hearing about the coaches in this freaking town. Brandon Inge and granderson swing at balls that bounce in the dirt 50 feet before it hits home plate and yet McLendon has to be fired. We all know about Flip Saunders. John Kuester would have the same motivation problems as he did if he were the coach. That team was tired of itself. Same with the lions. Management puts them in bad situations year and year out with the bad moves and look at them.. but yet it's the coaches fault.. NO its the players.. I am its the front office for building this franchise like it is. Know what I am saying.. It just drives me nuts when I keep hearing about the coaches. You know what I maybe on the island, but if Sanfrancisco says I'd give you both first round picks or 1 first round pick and our second for Calvin Johnson I'd say your a 49er calvin.. We could then draft a Suh and possibly and Eric Berry in the first round. What did Minnesota do before they added Favre and Sidney Rice? What did Arizona Do before they added the skill peices.. They built a respectable o-line and defense. What about New Orleans.. You really think Tom Brady be worth a damn if he spent the last 8 years hear?

sorry man a little bit of a rant , but I think well justified and makes sense.. I blame Mgmt first , players second. Would of been nice to hear Schwartz say damn right I sent these players home to look in the freaking mirror. They didn't make it all the way to the NFL by missing tackles. not blocking.. and making stupid penalties... But instead he sugar coated it like most lions coaches..

This team had no business winning Sunday. Show up.. Sorry schwartz your team didn't put know effort it. They look like a bunch of PeeWee football players running around in circles.

We will be the last NFC to be in the SB if the Saints make it. Not to mention we only 1 one playoff game in the spand of the SB.

10:49 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Jeff H,
State did have some injury issues on offensive line, but was an experienced group for most part. And Arizona had lost top receiver, Mike Thomas.

11:00 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

At least they seemed to try on that play. Wasn't like that on many others.

11:01 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I hear you on this. They're going to bench these players - and go to what?

11:02 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

They need safeties. Eric Berry is a great player. Lions could use him.

11:03 AM 

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