Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can The Tigers Compete Against The White Sox?

The Tigers obviously dumped payroll and looked to their future by trading Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson. They still "hope" to contend in the American League Central, though.
A lot will depend on the White Sox and how their off season moves pan out. The White Sox have acquired a lot of players since near the trade deadline last season. Obviously, Jake Peavy is a huge addition to a starting rotation that floundered a lot. I have a little doubt he is going to be very good, especially after he pitched so well late in the season.
Chicago’s other moves I am not sure of. Outfielder Alex Rios hasn’t played well for quite awhile. I have always liked third baseman Mark Teahen’s potential more than his actual production. Both those players are expensive additions. Rios has a huge contract he signed while with the Blue Jays, and the White Sox gave Teahen a $14 million, three-year pact to avoid arbitration. Reliever J.J. Putz at $3 million could be a steal or a waste of money. There is no middle ground there because of injury issues.
The killer for the Tigers is that Juan Pierre seemed to fit their needs because they want a leadoff hitter, a left-handed batter and a veteran option for center field. And the White Sox got him. But at more than $9 million per season for the next two years, and for two players, it wasn’t a bargain.
At this stage of his career, free agent outfielder Scott Podsednek is really a fourth outfielder. He is probably the Tigers' next best veteran option. He doesn’t have good range in center field. He struggled in the spacious center field in Denver, which is similar to Comerica Park, prior to last season. Played mostly left last year in Chicago’s tiny park. Still has some speed and is left-handed, but doesn’t draw many walks.



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, the last thing the Tigers need is another aging veteran ball players taking up spot where a young player can play. As a fan, I always enjoyed watching players go through the minors and look forward to see what they can do in the majors. That why a lot us defend the Raburns and Thomas so we can see if they can play. This is a cheap option for the Tigers too. I’m just excited about the Mudhens’ outfield as I am about the Tigers pitching staff. To see if Well and Boesch can handle AAA and Ramirez improves his batting avg and D. Young players bring excitement and hope where aging ballplayers are boring.

5:44 PM 
Anonymous Jeff H. said...

The White Sox should be the division favorite based on their starting pitching. The Twins likely won't be as good without the advantage of the Little Dome of Horrors helping them out. If Maggs & Guillen can hit .290 - .300 and drive in 80-100 runs each, the Tigers should challenge for second.

9:09 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

I tell you what Book I am not sure where I am at with this team yet. Part of me is extremely disappointed. I am a 27 game partial season game holder and I do go to about 20 of those. As much as I'd love to go to all of them I do got other duties. Secondly we as a city despite all the hard times showed up and supported this squad.. even through the not so pretty days. Third we have done absolutely nothing yet.

On the other shoe..I know there is still a lot of off season left. I still think there are some really nice peices out there that can upgrade this team instantly. I understand the moves the tigers made with Granderson and Jackson. I actually think Coke and Sherzer are immediate impact players.. Where Shlereth and Jackson are still unknown but possible..

Yet I thought we would add an offensive peice some where and we haven't.. I don't know you see us making any moves or does dombrowski in is who schrewed way say this season is going to be a lost cause come stay tuned.. until 2011? See where I am coming from ..

I do think the Sox are better. They got a solid rotation going in. I actually think Rios will have a huge year espeically in a park like the White Sox. Peire is a solid lead off player. Putz I think is the main key.. but who knows. The Twins if they can get their pitching lined up.. They have the offense with Mauer and Maurneau. The Yankees are fully loaded especially if they add Bay.. The Red Sox aren't hurting themselves. I liek what Seattle has done.. Lee and Felix are a good 1 - 2..

So I will remain paitent. I will wait until mid to late january to see whre I feel the Tigers are.. know what I am saying..

10:13 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

The White Sox haven't really been getting aging players. But I'm not so sure these guys are really that good. I don't see any really good position player prospects near the top of Tigers system. Iorg still has most upside.

11:05 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Jeff H,
Great point about the Twins. Their home field advantage was enormous. Not so much anymore. They are going to miss that dump.

11:06 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I tell you this: Tigers better get some left-handed hitting or it is going to be tough season.

11:07 AM 

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