Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Stafford, Granderson, Lyon And Rip...

Initially, I didn’t think the Lions should select Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. Now I believe they should - but only if they sign him before the draft.
Stafford has extraordinary talent. More as a pro prospect than other quarterbacks in recent drafts, this one or next year. He did pass all the tests under the microscope of being the consensus No. 1 overall pick in regard to his workouts, tests and conduct with flying colors. Some of the bashing of his college career is overdone. The bottom line is he was a very good QB in what is widely-regarded as the nation’s premier conference, and is potentially a great pro player.
Is he a sure thing? There is no such animal - especially at QB. Obviously, he won’t be welcome in this town. I’m pretty much alone on this one. The majority of fans are against selecting him, and most of the media is either dead-set against it or lukewarm to the notion.
Those chants "Don’t draft Stafford" when the Lions unveiled their new logo were indicative of a wide-spread feeling. It’s difficult enough to be the first overall pick in the draft. Can Stafford handle it being that it will be largely unpopular. Those type of intangible factors are the great unknown.
The Lions must use their pre-draft leverage on this to sign Stafford. They cannot take him if he is unsigned. Holdouts as a rookie will kill the career of any QB.
Stafford does have the highest ceiling of any player in this draft I don’t see anybody else that has a similar upside, although it might turn out to be a decent draft in terms of depth. A star or two will emerge. They always do. But who? Stafford is the most likely.
The Lions do have four picks in the next 81 to address their many defensive needs if they do take Stafford.

Random Thoughts

- Haven’t we already seen enough of Brandon Lyon to understand he is not the answer as a late-inning reliever for the Tigers?

- The home runs by Curtis Granderson Tuesday were important for the Tigers. Anytime they have done anything in recent seasons, it seems like Granderson has been the catalyst offensively.

- I know it doesn’t mean much to Pistons fans in their current state of disappointment, but you must give Will Bynum credit. He is their one player, who is always playing extremely hard, and mostly pretty well.

- Here is a interesting statistic: The Pistons lost by 12 Tuesday night, but were outscored by 30 points during the 40 minutes Richard Hamilton was on the floor.



Anonymous Mike said...

Especially with the Thames injury I really believe we should make Guillen the DH, move Granderson down the lineup, and put Anderson in LF and at the top of the lineup.

I agree that Granderson is a catalyst for us, but with his ability to hit for extra bases he could be much more deadly with guys on base.

Doesn't this lineup look more dangerous than what Leyland is throwing out there on most days?

Everett / Santiago

Batting Anderson in the bottom third and Granderson 1st seems like a waste of their talents to me.

4:22 PM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

To be honest I am sick of all the speculation. I know as fans what we want. We also have to keep an open mind and realize we will probably suck again this year no matter who we bring in. I personally don't like stafford with the first pick, but I won't hate it. I actually like stafford cause then next year you focus your draft prep on Taylor Mays. THis draft after stafford you need to target Malauga or larinitus. U can't go into camp with lennon as your MLB. Its the lions if they want to prove this organization is truely ready for change they need to nail this draft.

I agree a 100% on Bynum. Pistons have found there Microwave. I personally like Bynum better then Stucky. I think he really has regressed and I think Curry left him into long on Tuesday night. He has to learn to set up his teammates and not turn the ball over as easy as he does. This isn't East washington state or where ever he is from. You speak on RIP. TP has been a major waste of space as well. Someone needs to tell him to start playing and stop standing behind the 3 point arch watching. Good players don't use the excuse I had to guard so and so, I can't do nothing else. Last time I checked guys 5 on 5 need to guard someone. Pistons have a lot of nice peices. I think Bynum, McDyse, are the only guys who have played with any kind of heart since the all star break.

Brandon Lyon he'd be on the bubble if Zumya comes back.

5:29 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


THANK YOU! Thank you for the Brandon Lyon comment. I can understand brining him in to pitch 1 inning, I guess. Leaving him in for a second innings, though, is asking for trouble. I think Bonine goes to Toledo when Bondo comes back, but is it certain that Rincon will be the one to go when Zumaya comes back? I know he was a non-roster invitee, but the Tigers need to take a real hard look at Rincon vs. Lyon when deciding which one goes, and they need to get it right. That decision could be crucial to the success of this ballclub this season.


6:24 PM 
Blogger Sandy Gholston said...

Good point about Will Bynum. He is a small and flickering bright spot in what has been a disappointment of a season. Joe Dumars has a lot of work to do in the off season.

3:19 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...


To be honest, I don't really want Aaron Curry with the first pick. I just have the feeling that both him and Jason Smith with be busts. (Or at least that neither player will be "special", just average) I would prefer Maulaluga or Laurenitus to Curry. I wouldn't even mind one of the LB's from the next tier like McKillop. There are a slew of good MLB prospects this year! probably the best set of MLB prospects in years.

If the Lions are really looking at defence with the first pick, the only guy that would be worth the top pick and where there is little depth would be BJ Raji. He is the best NT bar none, and we could definitely use one.

I like Monroe better than Smith for LT, but neither really excites me like Jake Long did last year. (Or Joe Thomas the year before) that said, I could see Monroe being a probowler from time to time; but I don't see it from Smith. He just appears like the workout warrior, but looking at his tape he doesn't look impressive at all in games.

I am not convinced about Stafford either. His ok completion percentage doesn't show much from him. That said, I wouldn't mind the Lions picking him at all. I just hope that he sits the year, and doesn't start until next year. I also don't like any of the other QB's in the draft, so if they don't get him I hope they don't get anyone else unless it is a 6th or 7th round pick.


3:29 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, if money is not an issue I would go with the QB and an OT at 20. Why not, blow up the draft and set yourself up for next year draft and be ready to go for the 2010 season. Stanford is not going help too much this year and drafting OT at 20 is smart because you find out he can play or not. The second round pick get ILB or Defensive Linemen. With the two third rounders get your safety and TE. This still leaves your team weak on defense and you should end up a good round pick next year. Then fill in the holes during next year draft. Then go them in 2010.
I love to see Granderson move down the line-up especially at the 2 hole. His swing is made for the two hole and his speed is at the the order too. Move Polanco down because he can hit anything anywhere.

4:04 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree. At least give Anderson a chance to see if he hits well enough to justify a spot in the lineup everyday, especially at leadoff because of his speed. You can always change if he slumps.

10:36 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Stuckey played great for a couple weeks and then fell off dramatically. Seems like the pressure of being a key got to him. Wonder if he will learn from it and be better in the future or whether that's just the way he is.

10:39 PM 

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