Thursday, September 18, 2008

Millen Totally Disconnected From Lions Fans

It's not like we haven't been down this road before with Matt Millen. We have. Way too many times.
It's one thing to go 31-83 over such an extended period of time. It's another to act as if you don't understand why fans are upset about it.
That's what I took out of Millen's odd comments to Lions beat writers Thursday. The primary tendency of people around here is to be fair. That's one thing. It's another to be playing them for fools.
Whatever the Lions are doing in practice isn't working. They have lost nine of their last 10 games. They have gotten smoked in their first two games this season.
To act as if that is irrelevent is ridiculous.
Millen has not only lost at an incredible clip, he has never understood this town. There is a total disconnect between him and the fans. It's cost the Lions mightily lately at the box office. Their reputation is the worst it has ever been.
And yet, somehow, Millen took it too a new low Thursday.

Random Thoughts

- I do think Michigan State will beat Notre Dame Saturday. Notre Dame's offense had just 260 yards total offense against Michigan and couldn't stop the Wolverines' running attack. I don't see the Spartans turning the ball over at home. Nor do I see the Fighting Irish stopping Javon Ringer.

- With no obvious choice for the American League MVP, does Miguel Cabrera deserve consideration given his statistics? No, because those numbers are mostly empty. Where was he when the pennant race was on?

- I was surprised how well Freddy Garcia pitched Wednesday. I think the Tigers could benefit by signing him for next season. Just wonder how much interest he will draw from other clubs.


Blogger John said...


I like ND's chances to beat State. Yes, they only had 260 yards against Michigan, but the second half was played in a monsoon and they played very conservatively as well. Weis will come out with guns blazing this week and I don't see State's defense being anywhere as stout as Michigan's, especially on the d-line.

ND needs to find a way to slow down Ringer. It will be interesting to see how much they blitz. When the blitzes worked they stuffed McGuffie but when they didn't he gouged the Irish. This will be ND's first game against a pro-style offense. I think the Irish will load up agains the run and try to get pressure on Hoyer, and see if he can beat them under those conditions.


10:54 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Pat Ive been a Die hard lions fan since birth in 1954 my greatest memories was when my father grand father and I went too the lions on thanksgiving to tiger stadium to watch them beat Greenbay they never quit back then they weren't always the best teams but when you went to a game up until the last 8 0r 9 years they were always competing money and greed has ruined this team I was a season ticket holder for 8 years not any more I'm done Cleavland is my new team will they win the superbowl before the lions we'll see Thanks Larry Stone die hard dog pound lover now

10:54 AM 
Blogger maddog52 said...

Well book I tell you why you are one of my favorite sport guys in town. its cause on Sunday evenings you look in the camera and say what we all want to and that is quit Matt Millen just quit. I would really love (even though I know you can't), but if you are on sunday to look dead in the camera have a close up even and (while flipping him the bird on national TV) go "Millen from the fans and all of us Right there" LOL! Cause after hearing his statements the other day that was it. Even the flirting of a Benson or Alexander when we could use a willie anderson or a defensive player with talent. To say the reason why he invites us to watch is cause we will like what we see. Oh yeah I don't know about you book but I just freaking loved it. Its funny they say the lions look good in practice, well I guess so who they playing. THe lions! It wasn't the starters that went 4-0 in the perseason it was the 3 and 4 stringers. If Corey Redding doesn't get his first sack in 2 years against a Mike Martz offense then he needs to be off the team cause that guy along with many others is way over paid. Why am I even going off on the lions lol. Its just getting obsurd to have to hear him say what he did. Shame on Ford Sr. I'd like to have the media follow him around like they did Kwame and ask him how does it feel to be the worse owner in pro sports.

I am a Michigan guy, but at the same time you can't help but to pull for a guy like Ringer you just don't see talent like that come a long very often. I think in a year or two we could be saying the same for McGuffie as I think that kid has good stuff. MSU has a good squad this could be a year for them to take full advantage.

As far as the Tigers. I could be in the minority here, but personally the guy I wouldn't part ways with is Ordonez. He wins two batting titles for your town and I still think him Granderson, polonco, and Miguel make up a great 4-some. The guy I think I would try to get value while it is up is Carlos Guillen. IF we have to suffer with Inge at third I am ok with it cause a guy like Inge makes our pitchers that much better. What do we do about catcher then. Well I think Ryan has looked very solid especially behind the plate. Not saying he is the next Carlton Fisk or Johnny Bench. i am just saying so far he has looked good. Since beginning of May brandon has hit barely .200. Can we live with that for the next 5 years? the guy though I think I'd try and move is Guillen not ORdonez. That is jsut me.

9:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a football fan at all, but from what I've heard from all the staff at 97.1 and all the fans that call in you're all very disappointed in the product that Mr.Ford has put out there for you. He's been the owner for how many years? You can bet he's heard from his people how everyone feels and he doesn't care. He makes his money and that's all that matters. He has had no reason to try and improve the Lions. Until the Lions have an owner that is passionate about winning games and not the $$, everyone will just have to sit back and bite the bullet. Even though I'm not a football fan, I'd still like to see Detroit have a winning team, all you fans deserve more than what you've been dished up for so many years.

1:41 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am on the other hand a Tiger's fan and I, like all the Lions fans am very disappointed, no not disappointed, disgusted at what's been put out there this year. Tonight just put the icing on the cake. Sheffield's bench clearing meant nothing. Where was that passion this season? Unlike Mr. Ford, I do believe that Mr.I does care whether his team wins or loses. I just hope the bad trades and poor performances doesn't make him gun shy for next season. We need pitching and it's going to cost, hopefully Mr. I will dig a little deeper into his pockets and we can put something better together than the beer league we had this year.

1:49 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

ND didn't play their best game Saturday, but the schedule isn't too rough on them. It's possible they could go to a bowl game this season.

2:22 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Neither the Browns nor the Lions have been to the Super Bowl. Both have extremely loyal fans. Seems like there is a lot in common.

2:23 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

MSU and UM run such different offenses now. Seems like McGuffie fits Rodriguez's spread pretty well. Ringer is small, but tough. He won't be able to rack up numbers all season, though, unless Hoyer is more of a threat passing.

2:25 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Agree with you about the Sheffield situation. The season is lost now. Where was Leyland's fire earlier, too. The Lions badly need a win Sunday or their regime could down the tubes in a hurry.

2:27 PM 

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