Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Don't Understand Resentment Toward Wings

Don Cherry was at it again on ESPN Monday night.
Oh, he thinks the Red Wings are going to win the Stanley Cup title, but showed his true feelings when asked about Pavel Datsyuk throwing a couple punches during Game 2.
"He was saying ‘Stop it,’ Cherry said, while impersonating a lisp and flicking his hand forward.
What is wrong with these people? They just don’t get it. The Red Wings are dominating the playoffs. They deserve credit for it, not being mocked .
The Red Wings are a study in brilliant player moves down the line by their front office. It hasn’t just been the European players they have drafted, but also their free agent signings that have panned out.
You’d think the entire team was from European, but it’s not - only about half.
The Red Wings’ best players are from Europe, sure. What’s wrong with that? And the Red Wings aren’t stupid enough to let the Penguins - or any team - goad them into penalties.
Isn’t that the smart, disciplined hockey?
It’s not just Don Cherry, either. A lot of the media covering the Stanley Cup Finals - particularly those from Canada - feel that way. They’re just not as open about it, but talk about it all the time behind the scenes.
Seems like envy to me.

Random Thoughts

- What kind of team scores 19 runs one night, one the next and zero 12 innings the night after that?
A losing one. Enough said.

- I was wondering when Jason Maxiell would emerge in the Boston series. He is too good of a player to be as quiet as he had been on the floor. So what transpired Monday was a great sign for the Pistons.

- If Chris Osgood pitches four shutouts in a row during the Stanley Cup finals, does that make him a certain hall of famer? I do believe it would.


Blogger Fred Brill said...

Cherry is more of an impersonation of the Cherry we have known the last 28 years. I think he turned into this self-characture after his wonderful wife Rose sadly died as did his infamous dog Blue. Then in 1995 was voted in the top-ten list of greatest Canadians - along with Gretzky - and really great people like Frederick Banting, Alexander Graham Bell, Terry Fox, Tommy Douglas, and Sir John A.

Up until the early 1990s, the CBC continually either fired Cherry or threatened to fire Cherry for his "insensitive" antics. But HNIC would not be any good without Cherry.

Whenever Cherry came on TV - the whole country would go quiet so he could be heard.

After the Greatest Canadian contest - Cherry changed. He believed he belonged in that list. And he became untouchable. His clothes went from "slightly over-dressed" to "pimp-worthy".

But unlike the old days - nobody takes him serious anymore. He is a characture of himself. So when he mocks Datsyuk - who cares. When he calls Red Wing Fans 'rednecks' - he thinks it's a compliment.

And I loved the guy. There used to always be a hint of truth in what he said. But now? He is but an act.

Ealrier this year I was going to "compliment" you by telling you that you were the Don Cherry of Detroit - in many ways I think you are - but the old Cherry who was real.

Tigers - yup - they are the biggest dissapointment of my baseball fan experience.

And if the Pistons don't take this series with Boston serious and play all out every game - then they have no business being champs.

"Hey! I'm just tellin' it like it is".

12:27 AM 
Anonymous Tim said...


I think what Cherry worries about is the game being taken away and ruined by Bettman to make hockey more palatable to fans in warm climates. I think this is somewhat like we Americans felt when other countries started to beat us in baseball and basketball. They weren't "our games" anymore.

I like Cherry but he's falling behind, as are others who begrudge Euros their rightful place among the best players in the game. Too bad for him because he can't enjoy watching the game played at its best. At the same time, Don often takes stands that I am in complete agreement with.

Ozzie's stats probably deserve the Hall of Fame but I don't think he's a hall of famer. Thanks.

12:54 AM 
Anonymous Phil Poccia said...

I am getting very sick of Don Cherry and his idiotic "analysis," if you can call it that.

4:42 AM 
Blogger Dakota Mark said...

Hey Book, I am glad your leg is doing better.

Anyway like you, I am a big fan of Don Cherry. But it is a well known fact, in both the US and Canada, that he is Canadian favored biget. It is something I expect, and have learned to accept. I know he is in awe of what the Wings are doing, and who is doing it...but yes, he is very ENVIOUS! Not since the great Edmonton teams of the 80's of CANADIAN superstars has such a team been assembled and dominated the playoffs like the current Swedish Wings.

Wait, didn't the Swedes beat the Canadians to win the Gold metal in the last Olympics???? Coincidence? I think, not. All of Canada is still smarting from that loss. And now, the Swedes err Wings are doing it to them again! HA!

Osgood's confidence right now is awesome...he may not be the best...or Hall worthy...but, he believes he is unbeatable right now...that, my friend, is all that matters right now.


10:42 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat hope you are 100% better, goes back to the point you build great teams by pitching. Great pitching will shut down great hitting most of the time. I do not understand Tigers management, they once sign Fielder and Fryman to large contracts and the end result was a below 500 team. They almost got severely burn on the 140 million dollar contract on Juan Gonzalez. Got burn on the Higgy contract. You would think they would have learned their lesson. I wish they would have went after Santana for $25 million/season and saved a lot of prospects and money in the process and not spend wildly this past winter. Why didn't JL bring in Seay before Lopez gave up a game winning hit, look at the box score you tell Lopez was having an off night and lefties hit close to 300 against him. I know Seay walk in the winning run the night before that is his job to get out lefties. I was reading Livan Hernandez has trade value even with 1.46 WHIP this year, really? I think the fat lady has enter the parking lot.

1:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred said everything I wanted to, only with a much better analysis then I could have provided. Great insight Fred.

He seems to have a meaner edge these days. Prior his digs seemed more tongue in cheek. So many people get very bitter in their elder years. I hope that I escape this.


4:05 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


It seems that we have a new left handed first baseman signed named Jeff Larish - and now Guillen has hemorrhoids (that explains a lot if it's true).

So I have to have it explained to me why if we signed a quality 1st baseman and now 3rd is open - leyland wouldn't use Inge at third and DH Cabrera? When Pudge needs a night off, Inge catches and Cabrera to third - Monroe (for example) could DH?

Is it just me or do most of our non-pitching problems come from their inability to figure out where Cabrera can play?

Really bad hemorrhoids would really explain Guillen's woes. If it's true, he needs to be DL'ed until his "issues are resolved".
Poor bastard.

I hope your feeling better Book.

4:06 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also hope you were kidding about Osgood pulling off four straight shut-outs. How many goalies have done this at any time in the playoffs, let alone in the Stanley Cup finals!

He's played solid enough to this point, assuming that they finish the job, to position his future reputation very well.

4:10 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...

"It seems that we have a new left handed first baseman signed named Jeff Larish "

Jeff Larish was drafted the same year as Verlander. (I think in the 5th round) He was outstanding in College, and has done pretty well in the minors. He is an excellent defensive player, but what makes him a good player is his power. He always has a lot of RBI's and extra base hits, and he takes a lot of walks, but has never really hit for a good average.


10:03 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I think if they took Cherry off HNIC, he would be sorely missed. I know I wouldn't like it. He is must-see TV for me, but his schtick about Euro players is badly outdated. Great point about the Pistons. Hope your knee is doing well.

12:14 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think if Ozzie goes into the Hall of Fame, so should Mike Vernon and Andy Moog. They have similar accomplishments.

12:15 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Phil Poccia,
I think exposing him to all of America may be a mistake by ESPN from the standpoint I'm sure such a broad demographic gets Don Cherry or knows who he is.

12:17 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

dakota mark,
A lot of Red Wings were on that gold medal winning team...don't think that has been lost on Cherry and others who take a similar view.

12:18 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

It did seem like Cherry was more sincere in the past. Now it's like he is putting on a show.

12:19 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Obviously he is going to pitch four straight shutouts. It's a little different on the road, for sure.

12:20 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Very true, but you must admit it is disturbing how the Tigers suddenly stop hitting when they pitch well. That's a sure sign of a losing club.

12:21 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Larish has a chance. I don't see him as top-end prospect, but it wouldn't surprise me if he has some extended periods of success in the major leagues because of his power.

12:22 PM 
Anonymous Marty said...


I agree. While I was actually responding to Fred Bill's question about the player, you make a good point. I don't expect Larish to be a star in the Majors at any point, but I do see him being an adequate 1st baseman; someone who could be a starter, but not an allstar. He just hasn't dominated the minors enough to believe that he would do overly well in the majors.


10:08 AM 

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