Monday, April 28, 2008

Starting Theodore Plays Into Red Wings Hands

The Red Wings have dominated their series with the Colorado Avalanche. The danger comes in the notion it is already over.
While the rivalry lacks the zip it used to, Denver can be quite a difficult place to play.
There is one factor obviously on the Red Wings’ side in this series, though. It is Colorado coach Joel Quenneville’s decision to start Jose Theodore in goal for Game 3.
Theodore has been awful in this series, allowing soft goals early in both games, Letting the Red Wings to take over from the start. He has been pulled both times, and Colorado backup Peter Budaj has played much better.
The Red Wings need to take advantage of this strategic blunder and put the Avs away in Game 3. A loss Tuesday and it’s a series again. A victory by the Red Wings, and it will, indeed, be over.

Random Thoughts

- There comes a point where father time catches up with even the greatest athletes. Is that happening with the Tigers’ Kenny Rogers and Gary Sheffield, both great players? Rogers, 43, is 1-3 with a 7.66 ERA. Sheffield, 39, is hitting .159 with just one home run and three RBI in 63 at bats. Both are coming off injury-plagued season. In Sheffield’s case, he has had shoulder and finger injuries this season already, after missing large chunks of the previous two seasons with injuries.
Sheffield and Rogers obviously have earned more time to work out their problems, but how much? A season can slip away fast.

- I thought Kevin Smith was a really good pick by the Lions during the third round. He is a solid running back, who picks up the difficult yards. He is not a home run hitter, but not many backs break long runs in the NFL anyway. He’ll help the Lions move the chains. That’s the most important thing.


Anonymous dave in windsor said...

hey pat - have you seen kevin smith's personal webpage yet? --

needless to say, he is one of drew rosenhaus' clients -- should be an interesting kid with the media.. looking forward to seeing what he can do on the field!

keep up the great work PAT! love your work on The Ticket and all your articles/blogs --

9:46 AM 
Blogger Edward said...

I think the Lion’s had a great draft! Every one of these guys can start for the Lion’s! M & M and M & M and M & M have de-contented this team to the point ANY name on the board could start. There current roster barely makes more than the players they’ve cut make. I say 4 wins, 5 if you count pre-season.

11:02 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


I think you're dead-on about Rogers and Sheffield. But I am quite certain niether are willing to concede such a notion.

I think I heard some where that catchers age relatively the same as dogs - 7 years for one of ours - just for the constant beating they take. So Pudge - at the ripe of age of 252 showed us again last night why he is so great. While his throws to second may not have been as perfect as Weavers pick-off move on Granderson - Pudge was first class picking off two runners last night - pitch-out or not.

And he's batting slightly over his age!

1:06 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, I do agree that with you right from the beginning starting with 41 million/ 3 year deal.The knock against Gary over long-term contract whether he can stay healthy or not. He had health problems back 15 yeas ago plus they could have used a left-handed bat. I wonder how DD miss this? DD or scouting department is far the best at getting AAAA players from other teams as he must have learned from the Expos and Marlins low budgets. Gary will hit again, so Tiger'fans have give him time to get through this. There is also 27 million reasons not to give on him just yet.
As we blog before, I like to see Gary get drop lower in the line-up. Let him make some noise from the 6th hole as he will hit again, if healthy. Guillen, Maggs and Cabrera would look great at 3-4-5 holes. Is Gary's contract next year guarantee or is an option? If it is guarantee I would be looking for a new home for him when he rebounds if we can get lots for him.

3:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey pat
.. quick question - any idea where KEVIN JONES is these days? do you think he will end up on an NFL team this season? .. i did some net-searching and couldn't find a whisper about any signing or interest from any teams in him -- is his career over??
.. just wondering ..

1:16 AM 
Blogger Dakota Mark said...

Starting Theodore is a blessing for the wings tonight, but the big factor will be the return of Forsberg. Oh, he will play, unless his leg falls off. He will add a dimension the wings have not faced in many teams this year, except Ottawa earlier in the know the results of that game. Forsberg can bring that level of offensive ability, even in short intervals.

Now add a tougher goal keeper in Budaj, and Forsberg and you have a much different series...probably alot more fun to watch as well. I do believe without either it will be a blow out the rest of the way.

As for Rogers and Sheffield...I am very worried...especially with Rogers. I was at the 19 to 6 Tigers blow out when he started, and he was just awefull. If he doesn't improve on this road trip..I say keep him around as a coach...cause his influence on the younger staff is great...but replace him in the lineup. As we have seen so far this season...pitching is everything.

8:42 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

dave in windsor,
Thanks for the compliment. Smith has a chance to be a really good NFL player. He doesn't have the top-end speed or evade to be a true star I don't think, but he has a chance to be a solid 1,000 yard rusher type who does the other little things necessary to help a team win. And he does have some swagger, which is a good thing.

12:09 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Nobody knows if it is a "great" draft, but at least they took highly productive college players, all except one without significant history injuries, at positions of need.

12:11 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I don't think Rogers or Sheffield should easily give into the notion, either. But their performance this season and injuries in the recent past does make it a legitimate question.

12:12 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Sheffield did get off to a painfully slow start last season and then hit like crazy until he was injuried. They do need to give him time - and I believe they will.

12:14 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Kevin Jones is still out there as a free agent. I haven't heard which teams are interested in him.

12:15 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

dakota mark,
It's difficult to tell how much different the series would be if Budaj started Game 2. The Red Wings have carried play, but at least the Avs would have had a fighting chance. They have had none the way Theodore is performing in this series.

12:17 PM 

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