Friday, April 11, 2008

I thought the Tigers’ loss Thursday night at Boston summed up their season so far. They did have a 2-0 lead. Nate Robertson gave it right back. They did rally a bit during the late innings, but the bullpen was woefully ineffective. They have scored more runs, but Gary Sheffield hit into an untimely double play.
Problems abound for this club. In the long term, obviously pitching is the major concern. But they are just playing poor fundamental and losing baseball.
I have seen poor starts turn into big seasons before. The Yankees were 11-19 - and won 95 games in 2005. The Tigers were 11-19 in 1987 - and won 98 games. The Blues Jays were 12-24 in 1989 - and won the division with 89 victories. One key for the Tigers is to at least be within reasonable distance of .500 at the 40-game mark. They have no chance at 10-30, or something ridiculous like that. The other is to not fall too far behind the Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, Angels, Mariners and, maybe, the White Sox. It has helped that most of those probable contenders are .500 or below.
After roughly 40 teams, teams are more open to making moves. There is more of an idea of what is in the minor leagues. Dave Dombrowski might be able to do some tweaking with his roster then. But the Tigers have to start playing better now so it will matter.

Random Thoughts

- I keep getting phone calls on my radio show about signing Barry Bonds. I wouldn’t do it based on the media circus it would cause, the fact he isn’t a team player and had just 66 RBI last season. The risk isn’t worth it, in my opinion. He’s just a shadow of the player he used to be, but his sour personality will go on forever.

- Anaheim getting routed Thursday was actually kind of funny. I mean, the pundits, particularly in Canada, love the Ducks. Too much so. They seem to be just another example of how difficult it is to repeat in the NHL these days.

- Of the lower seeds, I see Calgary being the most dangerous. Miikka Kiprusoff, Jarome Inginla, Dion Phaneuf - that team has some great front line talent and decent depth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the Tigers have outgrown Nate Robertson by now, the same way they outgrew Mike Maroth? Robertson is a .500 pitcher in the best of times. What about Chuck Hernandez? How has he distinguished himself since arriving? Does he bare any responsibilty for the fragile psyche of the Tigers pitching staff?

12:25 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...


I don't get the whole Barry Bonds thing. You can't just throw a big name actor in a movie without a role to play

I don't see where he fits? I don't see what he brings to the club? Big bat? Yeah. We have lots of big bats. Well, we're supposed to have anyway.

(sorry - not yelling at you Book - just yelling in a primortal scream type of theraputic way).

I'm ok now.

If Bonds can throw 4 shut out innings - I'm in! But what a joke to add him to our payroll.

Positives from last night - Hits were made, runs were scored - and a rally comeback was visible. Finally a dinger from Mags.

Another big concern I haven't heard mentioned is Sheffied. I have to think he is still really hurting.

12:36 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Hey Pat, I just want the Tigers to play good fundamental baseball and if they make the playoff or win World Series in the process that would be great. I just love their 138 million dollar payroll, if they can maintain this, they so be awesome year in and year out. Your right if the Tigers go 10 wins and 30 losses than that would have to win 85 games out of 122 to get 95 wins, that almost impossible. The fun part would be chasing down Tiger trade rumors.

9:54 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

He has a $38 million contract and will be with the Tigers for awhile. They felt he has better "stuff" than Maroth and will be a part of their rotation. He hasn't looked good so far this season, though.

3:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
Obviously, I agree about Bonds. They need pitching and defense more than anything else. He would provide neither of those aspects. And he is not nearly the player he used to be.

3:34 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

If they just play good fundamental baseball, everything will take care of itself. They just didn't seem prepared that way to start this season.

3:35 PM 
Blogger Joe Borri said...

Just wondering if you ever saw the thread I started on the Inferno, Caputo Rules. You had some haters, but many backers. Check out my blog for the post and a caricature I did of you:

I think you rule.

4:09 PM 

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