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Morris, Trammell Deserve More Hall Recognition

It will be revealed Tuesday if there will be any new inductees into baseball’s hall of fame. And every year, when it is over, I have the same lament. How can Jack Morris not be among those voted in? And how can Alan Trammell get such little support?
Morris won 254 games. He was an utterly dominant performer during the postseason. Among his gems was a 10-inning, 1-0 shutout during Game Seven of the World Series. He was the winningest pitcher in baseball during the 1980s. Doesn’t matter if his career ERA of 3.90 would be the highest of any pitcher in the Hall. He had that ERA during a period of great run production in baseball history. It’s all relative. If Morris had pitched during the 1960s instead of the 1980s, his career ERA likely would have been below 3.00.
It is bothersome that Ozzie Smith got in on the first ballot and Trammell gets few votes when it is considered the two were contemporaries - and Trammell was actually the better player.
The Tigers took Smith and Trammell in the same draft. They signed Trammell and didn’t sign Smith. I once asked Bill Lajoie, the former Tigers general manager and the one who drafted them, if he regretted signing Trammell and not Smith. He just looked at me kind of funny and said, "Are you kidding? We got the better player."
I don’t disagree.

Random thoughts

- I like everything about the Pistons as a team except for one thing: They seem to blame the referees for everything. A little bit of on-court whining goes a long way. It is counterproductive. And it’s just not Rasheed Wallace that is like that, either. It’s their entire starting five.

- In addition to stacking up a number of victories, the terrific season Chris Osgood is having for the Red Wings has provided another benefit. It seems to have motivated Dominik Hasek. He has been just as good or better than Osgood lately - and that’s saying a lot. Talk about healthy competition.

- Of the four NFL playoff games over the weekend, the one I liked best was the Jacksonville-Pittsburgh encounter. Not only was it a close game that went down to the wire, but I loved the nasty nature of it. Those two teams were really hitting each other.


Anonymous Marty said...


I am also amazed that Jack Morris is not in the Hall of Fame. I mean he was the Ace on THREE different World Series Winning Teams! (Detroit, Minnesota, and Toronto) Plus, he is in my opinion the best clutch pitcher of all time.

Tramell on the other hand I can accept. He was a great player, but he was not spectacular. I just don't think Ozzie Smith really deserved to be in the Hall of Fame. Tramell was a better shortstop, but I'm not sure he is really a Hall of Fame caliber shortstop. Ozzie made it because he had a flare for the spectacular on defense. I can't say he was better than Tramell defensively, but he was more entertaining.


12:20 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I hear you on that. To me, Morris ia definite Hall of Famer. I can see where Trammell is considered borderline. He did tail off late in his career because of injuries. But I can get over the Smith-Trammell injustice. And that players like Pee Wee Reese and Phil Rizuto are in because they played in New York.

12:29 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Book, This Steroids issue is driving me nuts.

You know everybody is doing it and you would just like to say "ok - everybody - no more juicing - amnesty for all you that did - anyone caught after this will be shot on sight".

On the other hand - it stinks of the 1950s and the McCarthy trials - only this time the Senators name is Mitchell. Replace "Communist" with "Steroid User" as you read his report.

I watched the 60 Minutes bit on Clemens. And I am sorry but I really want to believe Clemens. But 80% of me has already prejudged him guilty. He is right - there is no way to prove you didn't do something.

Some will say "you could tell he was lying" - and I saw that too - I saw a guy who just didn't know how to look. Falling for this statement is as dangerous as buying into the old "if you have nothing to hide then you shouldn't be worried" sentiment. That is why the players are not testifying. I don't blame them one friggin bit!!

Yet it doesn't add up with him. His numbers do not lead (me anyway) to believe he juiced for the Cy Young.

Meanwhile I still want to hang Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, etc... by their unmentionables - not to mention that I want Pete Rose re-instated and inducted in the HOF - Selig banned and Rose back in.


I'm sorry bud, but maybe the Hall Of Fame won't mean anything until our generation passes on.

Screw it, lets just play ball.

Go Tigers.

7:50 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

PS - the LSU win feels great.

11:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat the Book,

Not only should Jack Morris and Alan Trammell be in the Hall of Fame but Lou Whitaker and Mickey Lolich merit HOF consideration.

When Lolich retired he was in the top ten all-time for K's by a southpaw. He might still be in the top ten and I would bet he is still in the top twenty of K's by a lefty. People shouldn't forget how he won three games in the '68 series. Especially the seventh game when he out pitched Bob Gibson on two days rest.

My mother will go to her grave believing that Lolich won the series despite McLain's efforts to throw the series to pay off a gambling debt. I use to laugh at her conspiracy theory but nowadays I won't because after all, she is talking about Dennis Dale McLain.

I can't accept Trammell not being in the HOF. He was too damn good for too damn long. The only two shortstops of his era that are comparable are Ozzie Smith and Cal Ripken, both already there. Ah, did people forget that he was the '84 World Series MVP?

2:20 AM 
Anonymous maddog52 said...

Book how have things. Hope you had a good holiday and have a happy new year.

YOu know it's amazes me about the baseball HOF. How does Ozzie get in over Trammell. You would think that with this years class being weaker then it has in the passed. They would serve justice and get a couple of guys in that deserve it. I.E. Trammell and Morris. Whitaker should no doubt be in in my mind as well, but we will stick with the guys who still have a chance. How come you don't see guys like SParky and Kaline make a pledge/push for these guys? You'd think they would speak out on there behalf. Oh well what can you do. Even Mickey Lolich he wasn't a turd on the mound for the 68 team. I just can't believe that both the 84 and 68 teams have just ok players on those teams.

Hey book while we are talking baseball. ONly about a month and half away or so. Have you heard any rumblings in regards to the pitching staff. As awesome as the lineup is. Dombrowski and Leyland can't be comfortable with that bullpen? Just curious if yuo heard anything.

12:31 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
You make a lot of great points there. It is a complex issue - too complex for the game's good. Honestly, I just wish they would just worry about testing to make sure players aren't doing it anymore, rather than worrying so much about the past. We understand how guilty the players were - and many have paid the price for it. So has the game itself. Time to move on.

7:24 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
Another bad night for the Big Ten.

7:24 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I used to vote for Lolich every year. He was very underrated. Kind of like Trammell in that way - more appreciated in this town than nationally. A World Series hero too quickly forgotten.

7:27 PM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Perhaps not so bad for the Big Ten - Ohio was beaten by a Michigan Man and an Ohio Defensive Coordinator.

There is some justice there - don't ya think?

Go Tigers

PS - heard your show tonight (missed ya yesterday) and feel bad now about my blog post - good luck with the teaching - you'll be great.

7:28 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Right back at you on a happy new year.I agree with you about the '84 Tigers and the Hall. I haven't heard much at all about the Tigers pitching issues. Wonder if Dombrowski is waiting for spring training to pull a deal or two.

7:29 PM 

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