Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When Did "I'm Not" Become "I am?"

There was a time when somebody made a statement that it actually meant something.
People were taken for their word. But, evidently, not anymore.
The more Les Miles denies he is a candidate for the Michigan football head coaching position, the more he says he is going to remain at LSU, the more it seems Michigan fans are hopeful he will be the Wolverines' next coach.
Honestly, it has gotten to the point of absurdity. Miles still has a buyout clause in his contract that stipulates he can go to Michigan. It’s all Michigan fans ever think about. Doesn’t matter that Miles came flat out and said Michigan must move on with its coaching search.
A couple things here: If Les Miles were to leave LSU for Michigan at this point, he would be the biggest snake there is in the grass. Secondly, many Michigan fans - not the university, really, - have totally showed just how frightened they are by that empty coaching spot. I will tell Michigan fans the same thing about Miles I used to my buddies in college when they would get jilted by some girl: Get over it. There are plenty of fish in the ocean.

Random Thoughts

- George Mitchell’s investigation of steroid use in baseball is likely to be a lot of noise without much substance. It won’t be that comprehensive because not many people came forward and truly cooperated with Mitchell - and those that did were forced to under duress. So even if there are names of players revealed who were steroid users - 60-to-80 are expected to be named - it is not going to carry that much cache. It will be interesting to see how Bud Selig handles this. Punishment for past infractions will be difficult to hand out. Mitchell won’t really have gotten to the heart of the matter. And baseball hasn’t necessarily cleaned up its act because there is no viable test for Human Growth Hormone.

- The Lions’ best player, in my opinion, is linebacker Ernie Sims. He is a hard-hitter and definitely does play the game with the proper passion. But is he a star? Doesn’t seem like Sims makes that many big plays.

- An event I can’t wait to see: Michigan State vs. Texas December 22 at The Palace. State’s played better lately, but the Spartans will have their hands full with Texas. The Longhorns were very impressive while beating UCLA on the road.


Blogger Fred Brill said...


You're bang on right. I think Michigan fans must also be old Piston fans, Book, and they seem to be confusing Miles with Larry Brown.

Les ain't coming. He has a BCS game to prep for.

Isn't the BCS the goal all College coaches are striving for?

Word up - if he stays with LSU - he might likely be going to the BCS next year to. Better chance there than Michigan. - Oh yeah - then there's the mega-million contract. That is unless they fix the way the BCS is decided - thats a different topic.

As for the Michigan fans - like you said - Get Over It. Perhaps if we could all chip in and get them a sleazy cheap coach - just to help them get through the night. You know the type - lots of make-up and can't remember your name?

Go Tigers.

1:33 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
You're point is well taken. I mean, if he does come to Michigan it will be as a sleazy coach who left his team behind after saying he would stay there. He would be tainted.

8:12 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Les would still be a lightweight compared to Saban. Saban has set the gold-cup standard for "snake in the grass".

I agree with you.UM should take their time and get it right. Use the Lions as an example - do everything opposite of that pathetic organization.


10:29 AM 
Anonymous maddog52 said...

THis would be an utter mess for Miles. Especially if he bolts. But Michigan shouldn't hurt to gamble like OSU did cause there are a lot of good coaches out there waiting an opportunity. Miles is saying all the right htings right now. His team is in the hunt for a national title would we expect him to say anything else. Know what I mean. The problem is someone couldn't keep there mouth shut and that is hwy we are in the predictament they are in. if he did take the job. boy talk about pressure on both sides. There could be no failure in what could be the biggest joke in college football. Anybody remember Saban. He is and will be the coach of the Miami Dolphins. 2 days later hello Alabama.

What is going to be interesting about baseball with the itchell revealing is now I can allow my kids to watch cubs games as they will be say fuku (dome) on the air all the time. lol... hey speaking of the cubs would the tigers be inclinded to offer Mark Prior a minor league contract. I know he had a slew of injuries, but if given some time he could be a steal. Just a thought?

I agree about Ernie Sims. But no offense not like you have much to choose from haha..

11:28 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

No question about Saban. And don't forget about George Perles and the way he used potential offers to bully his to the AD job at MSU.

12:01 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

LOL on the guy the Cubs signed. But he is a very good player. I think this would be the worst of them all if Miles goes to Michigan in terms of deception. And the thing is, nobody would be all that surprised. Amazing.

12:03 PM 

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